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But uh a to am at the santa like a good idea when we we decided against heme derived lose now people go through drive through the michael jordan has been married uh in las vegas force elvis was buried in lhasa inherently shut he joined the right taco bell cantina will mary use well the answer to the terrible candidate did not know that oh look what has happened here george yet we have like a a taco bell club he none of that regular club or not regular taco bell it's an actual club we can go in you can actually get married you can have alcohol or anything it's a big day when you teach jeffords on no no area now i wanna ask you um when we're out there we see more meals than females but are those numbers starting to come up they are so what i can tell you is that the strides for women and aviation and women in the military are fantastic get out there because the only way to improve women in the military is for women to join the military um on the ratios definitely not necessarily in our favour but we are at that kinda critical turning point where women are really starting to become an influential and a great force for the military all we talked about verse carnal lisa lieutenantcolonel basiru therio ir brought us over a course uh her run ended in now it's lieutenant colonel laura king was taken over did of course i remember meeting uh if forget all of the titled when it was caroline miller yes she was little or saw maybe both of the makes that yeah so i mean i was told the impressed with how you know everybody's progressing through and uh in our first trip with bullet we will we try and do is when we're watching the fight we try to jump from table to table right and there was one table with about like sixty miles altogether and they were a couple of overwatch of the fight like they knew what was a couple of didn't cycle it perfect opportunity for me to just tell him while this what they're doing they're throwing punches the kicks and all that as i sat down we had some time between the fights and i said so.

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