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On the vineyard north of town. It's 41 in Nashua. Hey, we might know in Boston at 505 still overcast and we're down to 40. Johnson and Johnson, now expected to apply for emergency use authorization for its vaccine in the next few weeks is coming as demand for the shot in the United States exceeds supply. Dr. John Brownstein is an infectious disease expert over at Boston Children's. He says he's not a fan of the plan to delay the second dose of the Madonna and Fizer vaccines. In order to hopefully spread out that supply. The issue is that we've expanded access improved. The groups that had can have access. We changed our policies, and it's all happens in creates new bottle next, so we're not ready for this sort of major rush and Italy is getting ready now to sue Fizer after sudden delays and delivering preordered vaccines to Europe got the medical insane head of at least Corona virus. Vaccine rollout. Domenico, Ala. Cody says government lawyers here are preparing legal action against Visor. It's after the U. S drug company announced delays and delivering pre ordered covert 19 vaccines to Europe. Last week, Fizer said it would temporarily reduce deliveries of the vaccine to Europe and Canada. That's while it upgraded the amount it produced to two billion doses per year at its Belgium plant. Cody said Italy had to cut its daily average of vaccines from 80,000 to 28,000 Meghan Williams. ABC NEWS Rome Carnival Cruises says they're extending their cancelations, now through the 30th of April, comes on the heels of similar moves by Royal Caribbean in Norwegian cruises Carnival also canceling European cruises until the end of October. Company says it is notifying booked guests and offering future credits. Or you can just get a full refund. And speaking of cruises after an off year last year for obvious reasons, ticket sales on the ferry to and from the vineyard and Nantucket well, the ones for vehicles were already through the roof. Reservations of first come first serve, and they have been moving quickly, but it's not as if they're sold out. You got to think of it like this. Everyone can't necessarily go to the Yankees Red Sox games, But you can get Red Sox tickets what Sean Driscoll of the Steamship Authority is saying for those who didn't I understand the analogy, those sort of prime time a trips go first after work on Friday and late Sunday, the noon trips going over for the week of Fourth of July, so the season is off to a good start in cars will be cruising all over the islands. But until we realistically return to what we all considered normal, cautious optimism as much as one complaint and Kobe times, the big question for us will still be those welcome passengers and how much there is an appetite to travel in that manner is Chris Mama WBZ. Austin's news radio. And it's 50 Wait. Let's see what the appetite was this week on Wall Street time for Bloomberg business, and Here's Andrew Day. All straight end of the week by mixing it down, lost. 179 NASDAQ gained 12 to a new record has to be 500 lost 12 as worries over new local and state restrictions to help stem Covitz spread overshadowed optimism over strong earnings in more financial pandemic rescue money from Washington. 2019 Popeye's launched its new chicken sandwich, and customers lined up around buildings to get it. This year. Already McDonald's KFC and Shake Shack of announced new chicken sandwiches on the way all that chicken attention is sidelining, at least for now. A different protein plant based meat. An analyst with investment from BT I G has downgraded his rating on stocking beyond meat expecting still study but slower growth in demand. But does anyone listening beyond meat stock rallied 6% today? And you rode a Bloomberg business on WBZ. Boston's news radio. Hey, Alexa played WBZ news rays. Were you talking to me? No. I'm just telling election to play WBC news radio on my heart radio, Honey, are you downsizing,.

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