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News Sanders won a distant second place he told a rally in Virginia beach Virginia last night he's looking ahead I want to congratulate Joe Barton on his victory tonight we're still super Tuesday billionaire Tom stoner finished third he announced later he's getting out of the race this campaign we were disappointed with where we came out I think we got one or two delegates from congressional districts which I thank South Carolina farm and the people but I said if I didn't see a path to winning that I'd suspend my campaign and honestly I can't see a path where I can win the presidency Steiner had spent more than seventeen million dollars in broadcast ads in South Carolina there are now about sixty confirmed cases of the corona virus in the US Washington state officials are reporting the first death a man who had no on had underlying health conditions the spread of the virus has taken a toll on Wall Street NPR's Windsor Johnston has more there's growing speculation that the federal reserve could provide some relief to the markets by lowering interest rates during its meeting next month but chief investment strategist at PNC financial services Amanda godi says a policy response might not be necessary I think it's much more a function of getting business activity and getting people back to work so now I'm a little bit skeptical that policy action will actually move the needle enough however I think it will be very comforting for the market just had issued a statement on Friday seeking to reassure jittery financial markets the Dow Jones industrial average lost more than thirty five hundred points this week the worst showing since the height of the two thousand eight financial crisis Windsor Johnston NPR news you're listening to NPR news from Washington an end to the longest US war could be in sight the US defense secretary is praising the U. S. telephonic Raymond signed yesterday saying it reflects a pivotal moment in the peace process in Afghanistan Jennifer glasse reports defense secretary mark esper says the deal is only the beginning of the road ahead will not be easy the agreement says the U. S. and NATO will withdraw all forces in fourteen months if the Taliban meet certain benchmarks it a band could die by their commitments as outlined in the agreement with the United States to include maintaining the ongoing reduction in violence across the country as inter Afghan negotiations progress the United States will watch the Taliban's actions closely the judge with their efforts towards peace on good faith esper emphasized the withdrawal is conditions based and if the Taliban feel honor their commitments the United States would not hesitate to nullify the agreement for NPR news I'm Jennifer glass in Kabul the French government yesterday pushed through a controversial bill to overhaul the country's retirement system the proposals had prompted months of street protests and crippled public transportation especially in and around Paris it will combine the country's forty two different retirement programs into one and raised to sixty four the age at which someone could draw full pension thousands of people marched through the streets of Moscow yesterday in the largest protest against the government since last summer they're voicing opposition to Vladimir Putin he's been in power for twenty years last month proposed several changes to the constitution seen as a way for him to remain.

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