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Prodi harbor cloudy at thirty eight and right now boeing field forty under cloudy skies at nine thirty six twenty minutes of nonstop news continues yesterday special election day across the state including dozens of levies and bond measures for local school districts sixteen districts in king county have some sort of measure on the ballots amish had pierce county is each with thirteen districts asking you to approve more money there are two districts with levy said kits have county one in thurston county to can't school district levies are feeling both prop wanted prop to have just over fifty one percent of the early vote going against them and while voters in north northshore a passing through lobby measures will are all the numbers available to you at komonewscomfire have like a council member could lose her seat at a recall set during yesterday's special election a recall measure against patricia pepper passing was sixty eight percent support she's accused of violating the oath of office office by refusing to attend council meeting some on other charges a student at erez at everett's aces high school has been arrested police say he was making plans to shoot classmate the eighteen year old grandmother called 911 on tuesday morning after reading parts of his journal police say in at were detailed plans to shoot students and use homemade explosives at the school and the grandmother also told police he had a rifles stored in a guitar case police arrested the teen at the school they say he had a naive and some marijuana on him at the time at the home they seized that journal a rifle and military style in nerd or dummy grenades frank lenzi komo news for the third time of three years an officer with the bellingham police department arrested for alleged assaults like behaviors corp brooks laughlin books saturday morning after a woman accused him of threatening her at her home two other officers with department of also been in trouble.

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