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From standing up for what you believe in, to challenging conventional wisdom, embracing rejection, or finding gratitude every day, our show is your guide to becoming a little less terrible. Not that you're terrible right now. I think you're great, but helping me become a little less terrible. And maybe you'll pick up something along the way. You can find how to be a better human wherever you're listening to this. Hey everyone, welcome back to rethinking. I recorded today's conversation for another podcast I sometimes co host. The next big idea presented by LinkedIn. My guest is world debate champion bosio, who might just challenge you to rethink how to have a good argument. Bo, it's such a treat to finally meet you. Such a pleasure, such a pleasure. It feels like we've known each other a while now. I thought good arguments was exceptionally insightful and I learned so much from it. I was actually a little bit disappointed that I didn't read it before writing think again because I could have rethought a lot of the debate chapter in light of what I learned from your expertise. I mean, the same is true for me because I had the benefit of going off to you. I think I told you that reading that book changed my view of what this book could be. And just the generosity and attention you've shown to the community and thinking about how it's lessons could translate more broadly. That was really instructive for me. Well, honored. And I just learned a ton from your book. And I'm excited to be able to both dig into some of the greatest hits, but then also expand beyond them with some things I'm curious about. The place I have to start is, you are the world debate champion. How did you become that? I want to hear the story.

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