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Almost all of the leading national security figures a both the current and former we listened to world remarkable smack down of the president trump by james clapper and john brennan the former director of national intelligence and and the ci what was your feeling about the the use of the current intelligence officials do you think they're prepared to stand up to donald trump if he tries to lean on them to get them to be loyal in a way that he clearly is leaning on jeff sessions what it what do you think that's a great question david i think it was striking to hear these officials talk repeatedly about how good their cadres are how good the people working for them or how they know what the rule of law is how their dedicated to serving the constitution how they're they real they know that they'll do the right thing and that they'll continue to do the right thing in and they would never really talk about the president's a much that there were some really masterful acrobatics going on but what wasn't said was you know this guy's a you know we're we're not sure that he could be relied on to do the right thing and that he knows that what the rule of law as so we're going to rely on the kind of and the staff of all these agencies to plug ahead and keep doing the right thing i it was quite stunning what wasn't said and you know when you have when you have some of the top even when you have is dhs secretary general kelly saying oh you know i wasn't part of the campaign that's quite that's quite a stunning um you know distancing of the of yourself from the commander in chief that you serve clint lots.

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