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Juice Robinson leading his block like we all predicted g-33 fucked me so hard like I didn't even yeah, there was this like wage there's a small part of me like a small inkling when I started doing this it said, you know what just looked really good coming out of the last one maybe nap, and now look where we are. Now, even if I lose like this pickems, I've still technically won the war because I've gotten both of you to give a shit about New Japan. Yeah and the following enough that you should at least Scotty can out predict me. Yeah, like he's studied enough that he knows like the wrestlers enough to be like no. No, I think this is possible. Whereas in the beginning. He didn't know who half the people were dead. Now. Listen, I really admitted it. We take it really quickly back to last week where I did think Yoshi Yoshi Tatsu. Yep. Fuck Jeff. She she was young. She taught. I was I mean that hasn't that technically you've predicted them losing the first to select that hasn't bitten you yet. But the minute I'm like famed WWE star Yoshi Tatsu defeat Sonata is when I'm going to start getting fucked. Listen, if you know she had seen your she actually beat Sonata. That means all my me putting all my money off of NADA was wrong. He's already Owen to that's our also fuking me. Also Tai Chi and Jeff. Cobb are both fucking me over in a blob broke my fucken life took over the first couple of days of a block and then of course like ocado losing night one. You already said it Dylan it was it over for me after that happened. Yeah, I so, I don't know if you know this but that is a yearly tradition. Nothing cocadas one is Opening match since like 2016. Yeah. Well fuk it. I guess this is the cold open so we should off. Over Dylan or lowest score Blake at 8 Dylan at 12. Apparently not 11 like we had thought and then leading the block off..

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