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Invented the jif i said a gift for a long time and i'm just trying to honor the person who made it anyway okay trick or treat trick allergy the study of hair here we are so whether yours is thinning or not three means hair in greek which morphed into trick which means there so i'm gonna give you a super quick overview to give you some context for this episode so hair it's made of three parts there's an inner part called the medusa than around it there's a cortex which contains carrington that's protein it makes it strong and also contains different kinds of melanin pigments that give it color and then there's an outer cuticle it looks like a series of overlapping scales kind of like a penguin and it repels water you got your velez hair that's your fine barely visible peach fuzz unless you're standing in bright light in a barbecue and then you're like could add very would see my face hair and turn hair that's the big wiry guys so boom you know a lot about hair right now okay so in this episode of technology i sat down with a yale researcher and professor who focuses on skin and hair regeneration and then in all of her spare time from being a yale professor j k i don't know how the hell she does this she's also running for connecticut state senate in the seventeenth district in my spare time i look at pictures of dogs on the internet so i met her through an internet powell and all gite aaron herdman who i got to meet in three dimensions when he and this all august came to california erin sat in on the interview so you may hear him chuckling a little bit here and there shifting in his seat but this allah just sports a blonde bob and very down to earth southern es and i was just thrilled to have them over to talk about mammalian.

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