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The South African economy, but a recent high court ruling may just have made it more difficult for mining companies to open new ventures. The ruling says that traditional communities now need to give explicit consent before the land can be mind. The the court held in favor of the Amer Deeb people have been fighting a fifteen year battle with the Australian Transworld energy and minerals company and the local mining authority. The department of mineral resources says mining the region's detainee um deposits would bring jobs and development to the remote wild coast region pumps for Lonnie traveled to the area to ask the Amadiya. What is so against the billion dollar project? We're driving into ongoing wounds over home to a cluster of villages in the rural Eastern Cape province. It's a place where time has stood still with one access road. In an art of the vast expanse of land has less field a dotted with huts perched on hills. But beneath the beauty and stillness of this area is a community in turmoil. The people here hip engaged in a long fight to block the mining of titanium. We're here to meet the woman on the front line of this battle, not Limbaugh tumor. She's a difficult person to find and does not trust easily. And with good reason. At least ten activists have been killed in the past few years here for opposing the planned mining project. The latest was fellow activist and longtime friend Sukuzi her Debbie affectionately known here as Zorka heels shot eight times in his home by men posing as policemen two years later, and no arrests have been made it made out of buzz was not surprise for us. It was a bomb shit because we never think that our own state can allow such a thing has also received death threats. She's the new head of the Amodio crisis committee. It's a role she stepped into when the last chairperson bazooka was assassinated. I'm hiding running not long lasting, my sweet home. I'm not even predicting I'm protecting because they know that the mall day friendly does date the more distracted. Please. Is going to be destroyed. And once the length is being destroyed irreversible out here. Wolf isn't a question of money. It's about land. This community is not concerned with the riches that lay beneath the earth for them land is about something much bigger their identity and a sense of belonging. The following day in another part of the region. Braving the blistering sun the community came together. Just arrived at the window of a tribal council. Scared villagers have gathered in a whole off from the field. Many what our pills and wanting to get here. This is a time to discuss the next step..

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