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Um it last year or or maybe it was the year before about one hundred percent sure but you watched arthur christmas uh and actually started to watch it again yeah a appoint before my daughter decided it was better if we chased her on okay e n and i never watched this and i think we talked about the time because i thought it was a sequel in name because i didn't even see in the images from this until he talked about it to those luke buzzsaw arthur movies when you're those weird animated movies he did about the weird looking like kid near out arthur goes on adventures affiliate i feel like i still think that yeah and and so i i'm glad i finally got to it it was on netflixing right now in canada so there's no reason not to and that's a very delightful movie just a real real good sweet yeah funding and luke moon and i was very excited because it's art men who do all the really great stop motion staff inching loaded of hired are hardwired men but it is also sony pictures animation so you kind of get like if you're going into arthur christmas kinda hoping that it's going to be as funny as an ard men movie you'll probably be a little disappointed but if you go in expecting like it's going to be better than your average lie it's dreamworks or sony you know ice age movies and stuff like it's definitely barrick that it's got a fun charming little world to it and and a hell of a caste integrate cast jimmy bell yeah you lori james mcevoy who i'm just on board with yeah in era good and i like that it's it's it's very much like a quest movie you know it's about artemis trying to get the last present to the last kid who's been missed so let this one kid won't think that santa you know didn't think of her and it has israel big scale to it but like it's nice that the movie also skills down to it just being a bell like arthur just really wants to skip to be happy and at that allows the movie to be like emotional at the ending an end yeah like some of it along the way isn't as funny as other stuff but.

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