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Desire to be a great fighter? And I think that's what we see at think. She enjoys the attention of being the prettiest girl in the room. You know in that environment, but I never felt that you would just hungry to be a champ eichner and I think that that's what we see. While once he's finding these Brazilians. Who came from fellas? Who came from nothing who literally like that girl she fought was. That girl is legit they putting into the against a wall. They're not giving her easy fights. No I like her, too. I picked. You're not one. I like tonight. One. Nine to one favorite. But I I. I like page. I met her. She's really sweet and I like her a lot. I think that people don't like her because she's married. I feel like if she was single. People like angry. Semi. In in to people envious. It's one of those things she. Yes, she's got. She's got all the attention people. It's easy to hate your what I'm saying. It'd be like you're looking at. Somebody who's at the top and like all this guy? Down there and like fucking tries to hate them. Even Bisbee, other people like. Dylan Dana's. J. Paul. Zandt shows people videos of her. Dancing on trampolines, her tits are bouncing. Days are essentially better because. and. People are fucking. Like once she got married. Don't the game about reply. Well also, she complains about not getting paid enough, and she's not winning, and it's and those things are not. You can't do that. You can't pay me more and in the first round. Two out of her last six fights. That's also a problem, too, you know. Yeah. That's the to once you once you're. Once, you're one of the kind of been. I will say the top echelon top tier. There's no easy fights is even like. Would they coming off the loss to to? Fights burn like your once you. Once you get to the top echelon. I mean you're never going to fight again and I mean. If I were hurry. I would definitely try to you know. Get into the entertainment side with her. That's film or acting whatever, but she's extremely marketable. There's a lot of ways she could go. Do some of your man on paper were hard as fuck, and then you like you knocked out Palay in six seconds. Yeah. I didn't know who he was. In us, no idea who he was and then like a back like. He, he was I mean he was one of the shoebox, guys. One of the savages from shoebox. But Then he went over Matt Hughes. He has like some major wins that guy yeah. I, mean look. fights with Anderson Silva Hafi Cordeiro used to tell me Houston running. Out of the gym, he he was just I. Mean He's a scary dude for sure what Jake Shields and twenty seconds right? Around. I mean so some of the some of these people that were supposedly ardor fights for you beat up quicker than the easier fights. I mean. It's all about it's all always both the head space you in man the mentality..

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