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Release for this holiday season so I'll include a Christmas carol but all include quite a few other. Christmas works as well. Well some of which are on the kindle store and some of which aren't and so a collection just kind of allows me to offer something that's unique it's unique collection of works but also has this kind of greater value to the reader because you know multiple books and one download keeps it simple paperback versions of these or is it strictly kindle. I do sell paperback versions of a few of the single books. Some of these longer collections for example Anne of Green Gables or the twelve years of slave live collection would be several thousand pages in paperback. But I have a few of the single books and then took out a little book about how to draw. That's adapted from an old drawing guide to small little paperback. Took me a few hours. A put together kind of it was my first pass at putting together a public domain in. Paperback it's never like spiked. But it consistently for years has brought in forty to fifty dollars a month just by itself. Like it's it's just a steady little sales trickle that the people like and it's got good reviews and so I don't see quite that level of kind of explosive growth in paperbacks but I've had quite a few where I feel like it's just ongoing purchase and it's been worthwhile for me. Yeah you kind of create. These little mini assets in each one could be a passive income stream on its own is the once it's uploaded. I don't know. Are you doing anything to upkeep market. These there's just like they just sit out there and they make sales yeah they really just sit out there you know. There's probably like a marketing ingenious. Listening that would just like. Oh I know how to take this to the next level and could market. You know and would've been retired by at this point. I see it as something that you okay you create and that just Kinda has that long tail of sales certainly. Don't stay at that super high level but they continue to sell. And what's it's nice. Is that when there are spikes in interest so for example net flicks probably two or three years ago now released their own version of Anna Green Gable series and right away sales in my collection spiked because people are checking out the show for the first time. They're getting. It recommended to them on Netflix. And all of a sudden they're like hey I'd I'd like to go read the books and so there was an anniversary of Lucienne Montgomery anniversary of the year that she passed away and so the sales spiked again. So it's like these public domain main works kind of stay in the public interest and has interests urges for one reason. Another sales tend to follow. Gotcha Gotcha in a follow up on the paperback thing you mentioned. I'm going to link to these existing audio recordings as a point of differentiation. But have you ever gone down the path of creating your own audiobooks. Yeah because I mean thirty five cents on kindles. AOL They get but on an audible trial bounty or audiobook sale could be significantly higher. Yeah I know that there are certainly. You'll see a lot of public domain material in the audible store. It's not something that I've done yet. I don't know I why to me. You know to read a fall novel. It's probably more than like for a first experiment of audiobooks. I'd WANNA do. I do know that there are people that are doing it. There's a guy named Jim Weiss who I've interacted with a little bit and who's kind of built this model. He records his own audio books. He really sells sells them almost primarily through his own website where he can handle the transaction. Keep a higher percentage. And he's done very well not everything. He does is public domain but a significant portion of it is so it's something that I think that there's a market for and I know there's a market for us. It's not something. I've tackled yet the working on a poetry collection like a kid's poetry collection with my kids where we'll read through these old. Classic collections will pick out poetry. That I'M GONNA put together into this classic Kids Kids Poetry Collection and I'm considering doing an audio for that because it's not quite the same volume of recording plus. It's reading poetry to kids which is just really fun. So no how do you figure out what is coming into the public domain. How do you choose a new project to tackle here? So the current can't copyright length in the United States is ninety five years so five years after a work is published essentially at the and of that ninety fifth year it enters the public domain. So kind of the rule of thumb if you're looking at US works you can subtract ninety six. 'cause you take into account out that end of year so it's twenty. Nineteen you subtract. The ninety six that means everything published nineteen twenty three or earlier in the United States is in the public domain because as of changes like some copyright laws there was a period of quite a few years where it had been seventy five years and then it got extended to ninety five so in that interim period period no new material was entering the public domain. For a while which was kind of a bummer. But this year actually we kind of caught up to that ninety five years and so now every year on January first a new batch of content enters the public domain. which I think is really exciting? Is there a scramble scramble on January first either. He didn't publish as much as you can. I don't know how much there is a scramble. I mean I certainly. There was a fairly prominent work by the Christie that entered the public domain on January. First first this year I published it to the kindle store in the apple store on January first. I certainly saw some competition. But I think that it's and there's so much material cereal entering every year so as we're coming up at the end of this year we could look for like nineteen twenty four bestsellers. Here's to see what might be available in January next year. Yup that's exactly what I did last year. You know I would do some Google searches like classic or well known books published in Nineteen Twenty three. Okay so you could start you know if you wanted to look at stuff that would be coming to January. I look at works from nineteen twenty four Material certainly to be published. Okay Indian the in twenty one. Eleven if I'm doing. The math rate by buttons will enter the public domain and think of like cash you know I never never even considered that like oh my copyright expires Sunday down the road. I guess it makes sense any of your students doing this internationally only with either publishing to UK Amazon Stores Canada Amazon stores with works that were published the air or I may over thinking this. Yeah when you post a work public domain work you can publish it to the kindle stores around the world so I published in a variety of stores stores there are copyright laws vary by country so in the US it's ninety five years from publication most countries this base it not on like years from publication but like life span of the author. So it's the author's life plus fifty years is common. I think that's that's what the rule is in the UK so it's something to be aware of. Luckily Amazon knows all those rules. So like when you submit a public domain work. They'll often have you say who the author is what year it was published. And then they'll kind of let you know which ones it's it's eligible for the bulk of my income has come from the the US store. I had a Beatrix Potter collection. who was from the UK and actually ended up publishing that early in the year right right after a lot of her works became public domain in the UK? And so that sold very well over there. That's probably my best selling international work. It is the timing coming super important or can you just go back in history to find older staff. The people have missed for whatever reason or what else might go into potential product research here. Yeah so I do a variety of things. If you walk into any Barnes and noble store you will see sections of of public domain material of classics. You'll see single books. You'll see these big twelve inch wide sats that they sell shrink wrap you know. It's like a classic books like Fifty Bucks so I look at stores anytime. Bookstores tend to take pictures and be like what are they highlighting. What are they selling of ASP bookstore people before you know? Like what classics do people I can people people by. There's places online that I search. There's a site called Project Gutenberg which has a lot of public domain material and you can search they're based on on Mike Number of downloads. So you can see what people are the most interested in that helps and then I've also found that Hollywood is constantly making movies based based on public domain works and so I will do Kinda pre searching to find out like what movies based on public domain works are coming out and then think think about how to Lima. You know so like the year that I published my twelve years of slave I published versions. I published just the stand alone work which is pretty amazing work. I just kind of discovered it by accident one day but then I also published a like a collection of American slave narratives that featured it so the year that I published. Those was the a year that that film came out did really well. Had some well known actors eventually won Best Picture and all that interest in the movie in that story drove a ton of sales sales for that collection. Okay interesting for the standalone version. Did you have to do anything to annotate differentiate or did it not exist on Amazon and so they said Yeah you can publish this. Yeah that was kind of interesting to me. That work was not as well known as some other kind of works from that period like slave narrative type works so I discovered it was kind of reading some information about it and then went to Amazon and found there was no free version so I mean that single book was literally literally probably like an took me probably an hour you know designed to cover and did a little proof reading but really simple and straightforward sold for ninety nine cents my collection over also better better but just that single version was several thousand dollars by itself. The single sold really well on Apple's bookstore also which was kind of interesting to me about I got you know allow downloads there about so you will find those things where you know a working kind of slipped through the cracks and maybe there's not a free version. It's nice when you find him. Yeah you got to be thinking like so. That's the Google search was upcoming movies or future movies in production based on Classic Sake works like twelve years a slave example. There's gotTa be other stuff like that..

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