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Of a battle is brewing between I use and detainees as we hear from USA radio's John hunt an altercation over corona virus test broke out between federal immigration detainees and officers added detention center in Massachusetts ending with three detainees being sent to a hospital and over twenty five thousand dollars in damage to the center the incident at the C. Carlos Carrero immigration detention center in Bristol county also sparked numerous calls for an investigation of the situation Bristol county sheriff Thomas Hodgson said that ten ice detainees refused to go to the center's medical unit for testing for the corona virus after each one reported having at least two symptoms of coded nineteen I just did not respond to requests for comment however hygienist said in a press conference that I used is investigating the incident currently for USA radio news I'm John hunt and despite the unknown if there will actually be any NFL football this year the league is planning to release its schedule the league confirming that it will release the full seventeen games scheduled late next week as of now games are still expected to begin on the tenth of September and Super Bowl fifty five is still scheduled to take place on February seventh in Tampa Florida now the league is still evaluating contingency options for starting the league here of course because of the ongoing corona virus pandemic and three USA radio news on Chris Barnes home owners do you have a house various repairs you have tenants that never seem to make their monthly payments about code violations.

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