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Every business needs to be digital. I every business needs to be in the hospitality business. We are a barbecue restaurant that became a media company. And how did we do that. We did that because we opened in two thousand and eight the height of the economic recession and we had no idea what we're doing didn't know how to run a business. Didn't know how to do a weekly profit and loss statement. Didn't know how to get people to come to our restaurant because it was an difficult location in san diego. So what did we do. We did everything. We failed all over the place. We did all different types of marketing. We advertise in the yellow pages. We took ads out in the local newspaper We went on local radio. We literally did anything and everything. Buy one. Get one free group on. But ultimately what started to be successful was learning how to do social media marketing digital media marketing understanding that there are free tools on the internet and more specifically on the smartphone that allowed us to build a community build a brand and to get people to care about what we were doing. So this podcast is an extension of behind the smoke which is our first podcast bringing people behind the business of barbecue but now more specifically it's about digital hospitality. It's about the world and all the things that go around all of us every single day. We're using incredible technology every single day. The power of the smartphone in our pocket that we can connect with guests all over the world experts all over the world. People that inspire us to do better to be better. People that are playing the game within the game Today's guest is coming all the way from the other side of the world Super grateful to have been arnott. He is the host the mc of a number one barbecue podcast at number one barbecue website. It is at smoking hot. Confessions and he recently launched meat and fire media services. Which is something. I'm super excited about ben. Welcome to the show. Thanks made it's great to be here. it's It's a sunday morning here. Some kicking off my day talking about barbecue and digital media two of my favorite things. I can't think of a much better way to start a sunday. Why truly truly appreciate the time. It super exciting for me Because we met through national barbecue association so we met back in twenty seventeen At fort worth texas you had entered into the audio category for best barbecue. Podcast behind the smoke. We're also in the audio category but one of the cool things that we talk about on this show we talk about with barbecue but we also talk about with media and marketing is a rising tide lifts ships so it was never a competition it was. How do we get to meet another podcast. Or that's how. I met over the producer of the show. That's how i met greg. Mp the host of the award winning longest running barbecue podcast Barbecue central show..

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