President Trump, Ford, Barack Obama discussed on Anderson Cooper 360


I think that one of the things that disturbs me about the president is his blatant disregard for institutions for norms for the things that are so essential to our democracy i don't think that you you fight that by adopting sort of fundamental flouting of norms and institutions i think you stand by institutions and the state of the union speech is an institution and that's the place where we gather to hear the president whoever the president is you don't have to agree with him i don't want this to become the norm so that every succeeding president now deals with wocka lesson first of all just to be clear it was the republicans the first time obama got up there that xiaotao you lie and that style was dan ban i'm laura what last difference between someone sitting there and get it and emotional reaction from someone subdued said out russ his with all out for in an emotional moment than someone premeditated nbn people make mistakes in the heat of the moment on every rewarded ford for now that was it could that be used can by aidid the bottom line is this is a premeditated attack on an institution as opposed to somebody who have lost their cool not fear it and say let exact i am proud that the congressional black caucus is taken seriously enough the majority of them are going to be there some of them are not i think all of them are trying to send a signal that there is something desperately wrong with with its president is handling this presidency they are trying to be the moral conscience where the country you're not going to have done should legacy with republicans fell as much of a moral consequences the way barack obama to bill clinton's yeah they were respectful and every.

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