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Reports that the man who's accused of attacking three police officers with a machete on New Year's Eve was inspired by radical Islamic extremism online, a high ranking police source tells WCBS TV, the accused attacker is 19 year old Trevor bickford of wells Maine, more from WG ME TV reporter Asha Reid Ian wills. The attack happened just after 10 p.m., blocks from the Times Square New Year's Eve celebration. It was outside the high security zone, where people are screened for weapons. Community members say the news was a shock. Oh, this is insane. I'm like blown away. Are we in for a recession this year? Michael Gabe and the chief economist at Bank of America doesn't seem very optimistic. The risk of recession is high. On CBS's face the nation gapen said that's because the economy's rapid recovery from the pandemic led to inflation. And the Federal Reserve is trying to slow down the economy to bring inflation down. And in the past, more often than not, that's coincided with some sort of recession. Linda kenyon, CBS News, Washington. As Israel attacks Syria, the BBC's Neil Nunes, Syria says Israeli air strikes on the capital Damascus have put the main international airport out of service in a state member Syrian army said two military personnel were killed in the attack, state media says S whites also hit other parts of Damascus. There's been no comment on the claims from Israel. The body of Pope emeritus Benedict is now lying in state at the Vatican, thousands of people lined up before dawn today, and the doors of St. Peter's Basilica have now opened to allow them to enter. The funeral is scheduled for Thursday. Hundreds of thousands of people will line the streets of Chile, Pasadena, California this morning for the rose parade, some began saving their spot yesterday. Yeah, it is super cold

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