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Yeah he basically wants to start matters i would end interleague play tired of interleague play so the only problem is you have two leagues with fifteen teams you have to have interleague play the number of teams in each league what i would do is i would get tampa and miami to be one franchise what about expansion though to thirty two teams thirty two leagues expansive spanned league that's that's baseball park built soon you're gonna there is talk about them going back to montreal so they again so thirty two this mistake to expand to thirty would you put a team montreal las vegas okay so do that then i'm fine with that so you'd have you'd have you would have portland would be an option shore oregon not may but then you would put you'd have to sixteen team leaks then i'd be fine with that is it's got to be an even number so you can get away with interleague play i'm so over interleague play why why do you think it's twenty years old and the match ups a bizarre thank you bye can go via new york if i want night lead you play the other conflicts kind of keeps a cool that you have to separate leagues you know i just don't interleague play lost it for me look players play in both leagues at some point they signed his free agents elsewhere they get like that it gives fans a chance to go to a game and see somebody that they wouldn't normally go see the mets play no ones you some people aren't going to travel to another team will you have no life and i was a big barry bonds fan and i'm like i'm not going to new york what's happening in my hair you have no life i said done my my urinary tract infection my not having a life a lot of time attack the old guy today i i just think some of your ideas are stupid outside the aren't they good what about christians idea to expansion team also stupid air stupid ideas truly play but think baseball should go to thirty two teams i'm just saying this talk about baseball going to get away you've got to go twenty eight to thirty two it was sixteen teams actually fourteen and then you're the central division of six teams.

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