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Yup We will convene tomorrow on the Lord's Day to summon a demon. Hello Welcome to co op the PODCAST Jesse Yeah. This is the bug asked I'm your host Jesse and alongside me is my lovely wife and Co host me. I'm Raven Hello. Everybody thanks for joining us on this beautiful Monday Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday on demand media to it. When you feel day Saturday even Sunday welcome any single day of the week literally any day of the week always air welcome for this constant in content yep constantly consumable twenty six episodes consumable as of this this one today yeah so we're going to talk on? I mean each one is roughly an hour long less sometimes more yeah I think that that means like an hour and seven minutes for over twenty six hours of content produce voice very now in your ear holes calls it means people are out right now. Deep faking conversations they have enough of all they need but yeah so we are a weekly podcast. If you don't know who we are and you WANNA and listen to this one I and then go back and listen to all others where weekly podcast we are a couple that likes to game together have fun together. Yeah we have a lot of really do interests and different hobbies me so like comics movies filmed T._v.. nerds Stephan General and then also like football and sports house like the rest of America Women's soccer soccer I do I played soccer worked at Ravens a lot more for length of time of America only care about at once every four years or something yeah. There's like a saying every four years I was like Harper and when I grew up in Atlanta China and we had a women's soccer league you go all the time to those games is the Atlanta be and then they got rid of them and they had the fucking like silverbacks. Dan Leno fucking saw silverbacks around a yeah so a couple of those games now never showed up at the parking lot because we went through my family. We have gone to some baseball games. We'd gone to some football games or you're like. We gotta get their early because the parking lots going to be crowded. There's nobody there uh-huh soccer was. I feel like a little bit more hyped because I don't know I guess just Atlanta like girls. Soccer is so like girls do it all the time south whatever either way we enjoy everything together so we want to share that with the world and we also want to share message about how you don't have to be a Superfan to enjoy stuff or super casual literally no k-k-keeping no gear keeping at all whatsoever <music> all inclusive. Everybody should get to enjoy the stuff that we like and we enjoy and that's do do it. Love it talk tests about it on our social media pages yeah at Co op the PODCAST facebook to we have a lot a lot of people on facebook interact with occasional beep. You might here going off on the Audio Office probably Patriot we have many people.

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