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Well, it was very poetic, sort of it was slow. It was a murmur. It was people near where he was warming up and then it was pretty obvious. You know, I don't take joy in someone's discomfort, but I was disturbed by the reaction in Milwaukee, and I'm not gonna lie and say, I wasn't heartened to see that somewhere else decided it's not that simple. You can't skip all the steps in the middle. Craig counsel said this is still weighing on Josh Hader and I don't. I don't doubt that, but I, I would like to know that it's weighing on him because of what he said and not because he was caught for saying it into the point now that we've had a few days to process everything that happens. This is another moment in time for teams. It's not just the brewers teams all over professional sports, some intern, or somebody affiliate with the organism needs to go through every person's Twitter. There. Instagram, their Snapchat, whatever everything, and make sure that there are not these kind of messages within all of those social media arms because it's up to the organization in a lot of ways to also protect the player. I mean, nobody is condoning what hater said. But in that regard, somebody could have stepped up within the brewers organization at some point in the last couple of years and check through everything. And it should be another lesson to to younger athletes, hey, look, if you, if you have said and done things in your past that you're not proud of, and an hater has come out and said, you know, somebody believes now, although we're so much are to your point, whether it's just because he got caught. But if you know you have those things you'd better. Remember this story and say, I'm not going to let this happen to me time story of a woman who said at this point, everyone should just delete all their old tweets has its bad, and it's it's a, it's. Apt for of the moment things so you don't need now. I don't know if everyone needs to go that far. Hopefully most people don't have the likes of the stuff that hater back there, but I think you're completely right. If I'm a team, I am hiring someone immediately to go through everything using keywords using searches just to make things easier on yourself going forward. And who's to say that isn't already happening in some places. Those questions should be part of any interview process, right. Well, when you sit down with a prospect, baseball, football hockey, best, who wouldn't that recesses of your mind? Do you remember ever appearing to be a white nationalist? Just just flat out. Do you remember at any time just coming across a giant homophobic? No. All right. Cool. Great. And did you ever say a hotdog was a sandwich? I just a couple of questions that will help steer them clear at sarahspain, Nick freed Alfred l phone for fits Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. You can always hit us up on the one, eight hundred flowers dot com..

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