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Sirius XM one sixty nine and from PRI public radio international. My name is Tom power. There is a lot of writers and performers and artists at there who will probably tell you you never really know when inspirations gonna head. It's the kind of thing you can't force either. I know song writers who locked themselves in a cabin for three or four days at a time just making cups of tea watching television. And hoping that a song comes to them anti-bush. And Mark little are two guys not song writers comedians, but who have learned about this inspiration thing over the past few years back in two thousand twelve their comedy show picnic face had just been cancelled. They were right trying to write a new TV show. It wasn't just clicking. So they took a break. Andy went to Kevin ish Prince Edward Island, a place he had visited many times before but this time this trip was different when he got back. He gushed to Mark all about all the little things. You saw the tour stops the little museums that filled the place. Really strange theme park. Mark saw animated. Andy was getting about all this. And he thought well, why don't we just wrote about Kevin dish? Instead six years later Cavendish the show is about to premiere on CBC Mark little and Andy anti-bush star in the series as two brothers who returned to their hometown. After years away. They're going to tell you more about the whole story in just a minute. I'll say this is that I scour like now magazine in Toronto to find out when Mark little or anti-bush doing shows in Toronto. And I'll just go to it. No matter what it is. They're two of the funniest people in Canada, and they've made a pretty amazing show. So you're going to hear me kind of really a lot in this interview. But I had to ask them about the other interview the sorry the other idea the one they didn't do the one that came before Kevin dish that one that just didn't click. What are we doing? At the time. We were working on a different show. We work on a different terrible show. We just didn't have any business right now. We're trying to write a show about night custodians. Yeah. Night custodian. Very familiar with. Yeah. Just yeah. Night. Custodians, essentially, just what happens after the office closes down. Apparently nothing. Learned that nothing. We every episode we just clean up and then credits roll. That's it. Do their job. And if they have kids back home, there's a it's tinged with melancholy. So we're trying to write this and struggling than Andy went on a trip to Kevin dish Pia came back told me about it describe this very strange town. And I got really excited about that. And we both agreed that should somehow night. Custodians nut go anywhere. We pivot still got in for the night. Estonians at that point. You were you were really excited about the one kernel of an episode idea. It was a good one. Yeah. Why were you in cabinet issues is your family at their? Well, I grew up that's where we took our vacations, and this was just another one of those vacations, and it was like this. I honestly there'd been a certain amount of time between when I was a child to to this certain vacation and. Hey, aged many years, and I went back and went, oh, this is much weirder than I remember there's a lot of because it was the birthplace of Lucy. Montgomery and green Gables. Are there? A lot of like mom and pop kind of places like open up like all these attractions rainbow valley. So I wanna I wanna play a clip. This is from the first episode. This is you guys. This is the first thing you see when you watch the show. This is you guys driving into town back to cabinet for the first time in a long time. Hey, how sick..

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