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You help us with the understanding how that's changing in the channel today? Yes. So so customer experience was not really something that we were focused on in the change and I would say that it's probably because of the fact that some of those Trends in in terms of customer experience were coming from the BDC space that was a lot more competitive and people were dead innovating a lot faster, but that is coming right now in the industry and its say the fact that there are so many layers to get into the customer is probably why I thought we lost track of it because oems are kind of dealing with Partners. So I'd say that probably more focus on the partner experience and the partner relationship management and the vote themselves. Or the msv. They're pretty small there nor the client well, but they don't have an automated way to go bad customer experience that say that it's probably something that has lost a little bit in the equation but it had to be more systemized. It has to be more more organized now, especially now that everything is digital and customer experience is is really the name of the game when it comes to digital marketing customers are really educated. They are very, yeah almost demanding like they they really want to have the same type of experience that they have in the beauty SeaWorld with giants like Amazon, they are educated and wanting convenience. So now it's how do you bring that into our world? How do you create customer experience in a way that is manageable and scalable and and actually affordable for smaller companies. So I make sure that I I educated myself in my teams on on what is happening right now in the customer experience world and who is innovating that space a dog?.

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