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And you know, he, I, I can't say that I knew at that point that I wanted to be sports writer. I wanna be what's broadcast right? Wanted news or wanted, you know, whatever it was, but I knew that that was. The business interested me so, but it's time I get to college. I went off to college nineteen eighty seven. As a freshman. You know, the first thing I did was go to the office. The school paper sign up are working for the school paper. The first sport I covered actually was women's basketball. It was assigned to cover the Cornell women's basketball team nineteen eighty seven nineteen eighty eight. And actually Yukon program has an action to the Cornell women program is I'm sure you know that Chris Nellie. That's right. And she had already left, but she had a worked with the woman who at the time was the coach, the women's basketball program at Cornell, and you know, and then you cover all the different sports. But that was my goal. I went off to college not to be any kind of rate. Scholar were to really take advantage of the incredible educational opportunities at one of the world's great research universities, but to work for the daily newspaper. That was that was where that was the best education you could get. There was no journalism program. Nothing like that. My my school Cornell, it was all it was all working on the job. You know, with a bunch of kids, student journalists, and you know you, you learn a lot of lessons that way. I, you know you've been you've been working with dealing with student journalists for a long time, and I'm sure a lot of them really good and a lot of them are in well, certainly in the latter category..

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