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The exit wounds as large as an orange and watch how our bodies can turn graveyard into a garden from beneath the soil we become the plants become the flowers and the rain and the sunlight and then the sun itself how we bear fruit in a country that loves us less than a loaded gun there is a mexican proverb that says they tried to bury us they didn't know we were seats and there have been almost as many mass shootings in the united states this year as there have been days an orange tree grown from seed takes approximately fifteen years to blossom and after an entire generation grows up in the shadows of school shootings when active shooter drills are as normal and as frequent as matt's tests what's shocking about the never again movement is not that it's happening but that it took so long for us to start three columbine as a bell shaped pastel flower the word columbine comes from the latin word for dove away to make peace in a country that tears itself to pieces for the nra describes itself as america's oldest civil rights organization it was formed in eighteen seventy one the same year congress passed the ku klux act a piece of legislation intended to suppress the kkk on july six two thousand sixteen philander casteel was murdered by a police officer in saint paul minnesota after informing the officer he had a firearm in the car the nra did not say anything in response instead they chose to make martyrs of murderers until it was record that skipped for every year i'm old enough to remember called the mentally ill until we asked for better mental healthcare told us to be silent told us to be silent told us to be three abolution airy study on columbine showed the way their sizes can vary based solely on a change in a single cell shape quote the suggests that a simple microscopic change can result in dramatic morphological variation is by empirical analysis and scientific method therefore that we can assume a voice a simple microscopic change in a field of columbine could result in a morphological variation significant enough to create a country that refuses to watch children die in their own school and that's tuesday seventeen should they ever come for us next and bring our bodies back to the soil from which we came tell them we are a forest fire tell them we will burn the gardens and build new ones over and over and over again until we can live in a world without gun violence tell them we are here breathing alive still.

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