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Announced that he's going to be performing a song from stars born asks himself, not as his character is the different impeach himself on the difference. Pissing. Yeah. Serena wizards on stage with or without tennis racket that getting people not from the world of film to present shorts thing about each of the best pitcher nominees. So Serena Williams can be talking about stores born, and they're all going to be other people popping in who. They are. I don't so that sounds unusual. But it's the lack of host. I always kind of enjoyed it for the host the big opening will the gags and stuff if that's not there. I don't know how they gonna wipe in it. I don't know either. And I won't be finding. We're just. Yeah. But just condense them into a single word documentary simply in the morning. All right. So that's through category by category. Not not all the categories overseen and you predictions. Okay. So best screenplay the ballot of BUSTER Scruggs black klansman, can you ever? Forgive me. A star is born and of Bill street could talk. What is your tip? What he thinks going to take best adapted screenplay if Bill streak could talk. All right, Jim, boo. Yep. It's beleaguered no he's before I have used that before. But I like it when we were listening to the score in the office today and the score is magnificent. Are I'm going to be must be wrong with this. I'm going to say that stars gonna win that won best original screenplay first reformed pulse. Raters first Oscar nomination, which is incredible. Because the dude taxi driver so one of the fuck also green book outta McKay for Feis the favorites. Tony McNamara and Deborah Davis. An Afonso cloud on who could break a record. I think for the most individual Oscars in a single night. He's been the lead for best original screenplay, of course for Roma. What he thinks gonna win I'm leaning towards favorite. Okay. Oh, yeah. I'm on the favor as well. Okay. I will contradict new I think Koran will win that one. Let me say that's move onto best animated feature. Rough breaks into that Mirai item into the spy incredible two dogs absolutely into the spot of us. If in the spot of us doesn't win then frankly, everyone is still on the stage. Burn the building to the ground seems fair. The only logical the only measured response an injustice. Best director, Spike Lee for black klansman incredibly again. His first Oscar nomination Adam McKay for Feis. Pavel public hall sqi for Cold War Afonso quote on for Roma and your goes lengthy MOS for the favorite Koran Lund. Females lengthy moss. Really give it to him into. I think it will be quote on as well. Quarrel win that won best. Supporting actress, Emma stone for the favourite, Regina king. If Beale street could talk radio Feis for the favorites..

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