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I'm Sergio Sanchez talk line is eight four four three four four Dana eight four four three four four thirty to sixty two and online at Dana radio dot com. Hi. This is fragile former Rams defensive end football season just ended and you can bet teams are already hard at work scouting new talent for next season. But if you're running a small business, you need to know where to go to find top recruits linked in. It's where people go every day to make connections growing their careers. And discover new job opportunities linked in jobs takes the time to learn more about who you're looking for. And then recommends the qualified candidates you want to spend time talking to to make a quality higher. You're excited about customers. Right. Lincoln jobs, number one and delivering quality hires and posting your job unlinked, then gives you the best chance of finding and starting a conversation with your next star recruit. It's no surprise. A new hire is made every eight seconds using Lincoln so build your winning team by posting your job opportunity on linked in and visit Lincoln dot com slash solution. Get fifty dollars off your first job post, that's linked in dot com slash Aleutian, terms and conditions. Apply marches national nutrition month and SuperBeets by human wants to get your cardiovascular system. Back in rhythm. Did you know that the top health benefit that Americans want from their food or nutrients as cardiovascular health, but thirty eight percent feel confused about what to eat to achieve goals. Superbeets is a highly concentrated scientifically formulated solution that supports healthy blood pressure levels and circulation. According to a recent announcement by the American Heart Association. Forty eight percent of Americans have some form of serious cardiovascular.

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