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Numbers through twenty five hundred for jason to randomly review cars from his past So we'll have. That'll be our our super chat activity today. We're gonna capitalism the fuck. You can capitalize this. Where's my fucking. I'll split you want cut. I'll fucking cut you in bro straight up. My word is bond. Word is bond cash money i will cut. We will cut me saying fifty percent to make money on the internet. Here we got but this film. Your film making is amazing. You're driving randy's driving in it is really great. Your god damn it did i. Do you want me to undo that. Were on this episode. As his show goes up thursday so only only You want him forty five people. The reason that i gave you guys the early view on the preview. You know it's not done is that i wanted you guys bill so we can talk about it. Nothing's off limits. But i did. I did think. I can't do a review of an empty and for driving both again like i drove the super super and z. For the last time that was a pain in the ass to do. I was stunned driving myself. We had five cars on this on this episode. There were a much old cars and new cars. And here's the let me revise that old hollywood thing never worked with with kids or animals. Yeah old cars cars my life. Hi nice to meet you matt farah. I drive people's home built fucking cars. Oh my god well. Here's here's the issue. Let me add not just cars but then old cars you own. so yeah. That's why i didn't want to do that. Reveal if that was going to be put like since you just said it right two hundred forty people keep your mouth and then but here's the deal you can't talk about the end three and why ever journalist of the world is like. I'm not sure this new m three is actually three and it happens every time. There's we all said sent me to And so i sorta thought about like. Why do we all hold this car to this. Unattainable entered and then. I realized that there are just different. E- stands alone as a mortgage racecar. Thirty sixty forty six was a very different type of car. That was a street car that may financial sense but that gave all the charms of a race our with none of the overall and then ninety eighty were just vibes with an again and so i sort of divided into those three. And i'm like you can't tell the story of our expectations for for three without going back and talking about the fact that the thirty was from car. And if you're gonna talk about the thirty you need to explain to people why that car existed in the first place and no one seems to know that story for people of all mines around. Because i'm an idiot. I never shut up about it so i had the spark that created the three explosion was the mercedes ninety point team and i had my two hundred sixteen there and my good friend bills wives thirty three both of which are concord. Winning cars like these are perfect. So there's no pressure or anything for us not to fuck them up and not like salmon them whatever and they weren't even slowly well. So here's this is. This is like no good plans. Lay a what does that. Whatever besley plans of all get fucked. That's got back so no puts his car on the live team shopping's fell. He's like a god. I call them eat bill. But he's just nationally known so he puts the thirty epa to three sixteen and the other lift and we spent the whole weekend working on cars. We've everything that we knew. That was working on it. It's gonna winter to check major. Everything was absolutely perfect and the first thing that happened is the. Abs broke on mercedes on the way to the track. And this is the car that has not broken in the ninety like i've done thousand mile rallies in it i've been pushing out of it and of course the second the reason the aps broke because at full drew the we the bs wire is like a bread too short and it broke the one. The wires the wheel speed sensor Because i ended up on the lift so many frigging times That gave the three the idea that it should break. Which again made the mercedes. Go home fucking steiner. And which made the watch this motherfucker and start this competition between the perfectly brand for the. Oh my god. So in the middle of one of the scenes like it's it's bad enough that on the writer and i'm the producer and on the executive producer. And i'm like. I'm on on camera. Trying not to have like breezy fingernails and looking fat old greasy fingered hassle. The fucking mercedes drift. So i have randy drifting the mercedes toward me. While i'm sitting on the line admiral. Why was on the radio either. Either your motor just blew. i think cable. That was a very good randy impression. You really you fucking nailed. Ask you guys a lot of time together. That's yeah so then. Then you hear anthony direct go fuck and like just complete silence so now i'm like it's one hundred and four degrees outside. I'm under the hood of the car. Rigging toronto cable out of zip ties and anthony's fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck and all. I really hope. I didn't screw up that seat. And i'm just like get somebody giving me gloves. And so now next hake. I'm covered in sweat uncovered in greece. Unlike i hate my life i- job we got the shot was that was that shot at the beginning of the day to day like do that. Track driving in that car afterwards inch.

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