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The brand of the fell released by the Bengals. Does your does your intent to go up when it comes to the hype surrounding John Ross? Yes. All of you out there. That's the new hype train your you. You're welcome. This is on you. A Andy posted a read. It keeps going forever any to read it post. Just ask for feedback how we can make the show better. Yeah, always trying to get better. We got a lot of comments about the dangers of the old hype train. Yeah. Well, enjoy the new one. That's not the Hyperion that's the might free fix might workout. I actually, I just wanted people to know we're listening and for those of you that live and work near train station, no more fear. And if you're frayed of that, well, if you maybe you wanna know if you're really afraid of that, I wanna hear it. What if you live next to a toy train factory, did you think of those people? But you're not in danger from a toy train any. I have nearly lost a toe to a toy train. Why didn't Cal isos safe whereabout device whereabout to talk about the AFC north in break it down, fantasy wise. But before we do that. Why doesn't somebody told me about pristine on everyone today, sponsor, pristine auction, the best place, the absolute only place you need to go to check out and get some sports memorabilia..

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