Twitter, Writer, Georgia discussed on iMore show - 574: Red Dot Psychology


Please so sort of the last big question i have is the most controversial and that is what we all think about the red dot the ceylon i the night reader it writer glare i okay yeah go ahead line where you can georgia i wanna i wanna hear what you have to say about this because okay blood say twitter makes a change to something that they they they come on and they say hey we are making the tea in twitter upper case and we are shifting the koerting's what's a little bit closer to the w monsters there will always be people who are angry that that's taking place because it's change and i talk about this all the time of people get upset when i say this because they're like our lov change but it's like people that we are like inherently built to not like change because of and this is again georgia's just like my encyclopedia britannica or something because of the fact that we lived in tribes once and we had to base our safety on on consistency in any time there was change like that was frightening that was potentially something that was dangerous in it in its stepped outside of what we knew and what our group think was and so that like the at that very based part of our brain that sort of you know chased the the deer for food part of our brain does not like it when things change and we sort of irrationally can sometimes go i hate this thing and we don't know why we hate this thing we just hate this thing and there is no good reason for it.

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