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Packing 80 Mile an hour winds and is expected to strengthen. The National Hurricane Center expects hurricane conditions to hit later today in parts of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Meantime, around 300, Florida residents being told to evacuate not due to the storm, but that Miami Beach condominium tower that partially collapsed the crest View Towers condo in North Miami Beach has been deemed structurally and electrically unsafe. The death toll from that collapsed now at 22, the White House sharing the latest jobs number. For the month of June. Here's Jim Forbes economic adviser Brian Deese broke down the latest figures, obviously a strong and encouraging jobs report today 850,000 jobs created last month, he says the report shows a strong labour market where employers are paying higher wages with average hourly earnings up by 3.6%. A giant mudslide has crashed down on a coastal city in Japan. Dozens are missing authorities at the time. He say the city south of Tokyo was hit by torrential rain Saturday. I'm Scott Carr. From the Fox Sports Studios in Los Angeles. Here's Kevin figure, The magical season continues for a freshly minted All Star clashes with the left field. This one is wow. 30 World Tony. I've never seen anything like this Valley Sports West on the call is that was showing his second home run of the night and help propel the Angels to an 87 victory over Baltimore. Otani, now the major league leading 30 home runs so far. Vladimir Guerrero Jr hit 27 home run of the season in 11 to 1. Blue Jays won over Tampa. Harrison Bader Grand Slam vaulting ST Louis over Colorado. The Brewers won their 10th in a row after being the Pirates. Dodger scored nine runs in the seventh to trounce Washington wins for Boston, the Giants and Atlanta Tyler Johnson scored two goals, leading the Lightning to a victory over Montreal. Tampa With the three nothing series lead, they're in the Stanley Cup final. Former NFL receiver Josh Gordon has filed for reinstatement after being suspended indefinitely for substance abuse. With.

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