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Jeremiah juku all purpose toxication yeah but anyway he continues to write do any of you get stressed out by the circumstances of story while filmmaker explores the theme for example while watching here shema monta more i got nervous for a manual rivas character as she wanders in a semi dream skate here shema baited by and playing with i'm gonna miss miss speak here eg okada's character during the second act she is supposed to be going to the airport to fly home and she ends up digging around i couldn't help get nervous for her fearing she might miss her flight this of course is totally stupid but the feeling was still there do you ever get caught up like that her missing her flight was not the filmmakers attent intent but there i was clutching my popcorn desperate to find a reassuring awareness buried in the colonel's as always your lovely bud and whenever i feel only i pull up old episode thanks reassure wenas is a rare description of weakness yeah so getting stressed out by something that like is not maybe a main thing in film what movies are kind of like roszak tests in that way that like the thing that makes you anxious in real life when you see it in a movie at happened so like any time in a movie that i see someone turn on water just leave it running and don't turn it off because they don't need anymore i'm like turn that off you're wasting what stop it find it very distracting there's this amazing moment in called me by your name where a character leaves a re a freezer door partially closed and causes for a second before somebody comes in closes it and i'm like thank god.

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