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Sports. Oh, it's so good. It is so good and it is so good for so many reasons that voice that you heard, say, 2011 when they won. The cup is an anomaly and they're always choking dogs. That was big Jim Murray, who joined us When we did my favorite people in sports a couple of months ago here on the show, he is phenomenal, and that that radio show is so Boston. It is one of my favorite radio shows in America. Because they just are always griping, belly aching, complaining about something and it's just phenomenal because it's a city that has Six Super Bowl Championships, four World Series at N. B. A Championship, a Stanley Cup and all types of other appearances of the championship game. I mean, they wanted everything. Look, the Bruins. We're in the Stanley Cup Final Game seven last year. And they're calling them chokers choke artist. They've been in three Stanley Cup final in the last decade, three of them and what a cup there choke artists. The Celtics are going to the NBA's the Eastern Conference finals. At least it might be the end finals because they've already got a hold on the second round. Siri's They'll find a way to complain about that. The Patriots just won a Super Bowl like five minutes ago. Dynasty is over their trash. They're going to go 6 10. The Red Sox just won a World Series like 12 minutes ago. It's over. Ownership sucks. They don't spend any money They treated Mookie Betts. They've had the greatest run a success out of any city ever in the last 20 years, And that show is the best fell grim as a big Jim because all they do is complain and crap about everything going on. I'm glad you mentioned the faulty logic of last year, too, because the lightning were upset in round one by the blue jackets and opened up the door for the Bruins, and they didn't take it except for the fact that they got to Game seven of the Stanley Cup finals. They won the East. They did not get upset in around two, then by the Blue Jackets. They didn't play Tampa Bay. They didn't play Washington, and they took advantage of it. They got to the Stanley Cup finals. But that's somehow.

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