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The world is here the world is with you Ukraine's foreign minister dmytro kuleba First of all I would like to thank Tony for coming here to Ukraine literally we just crossed the line We are sending here I hope the people of Ukraine will be able to see this as a clear manifestation that we have friends who literally stand by us A ceasefire in two Ukrainian cities to evacuate civilians quickly collapsed with both sides blaming the other the BBC's Tim Franks on the importance of one of the cities This is a strategically crucial city Mario pole for the Russians who want to link the Crimean Peninsula that they are next in 2014 with the Donbass region the separatist region to the east mariupol is absolutely key to their ambitions there So you imagine that if a certain number of civilians were then evacuated that whatever bombardment they were unleashing on mariupol would then only be intensified The city's deputy mayor Sergei orlo If you ask how many victims do we have in this war there will be I don't know We can not collect all the bodies from the streets Gas prices are soaring nationwide CBS News correspondent Michael George reports The national average is near $3 and 84 cents a gallon Up 11 cents yesterday from the day before And 26 cents from last week It's not only impacting you in terms of your gas prices and filling up your car gas is an input to everything else that we consume All these goods that are moving from distribution centers to retail stores are being shipped by trucks that consume gas For consumers the sting of high prices is in part because more Americans are on the road for leisure and work as the pandemic eases Los Angeles County and Boston have both lifted mask mandates for indoor spaces But the masks will stay on inside Alexander dos eyewear in larchmont village in Los Angeles to keep everybody safe Our employees and our customers as well We're probably going to extend the mask wearing in the store for the next two to three months North Korea says it launched.

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