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The irving empire was founded almost a century ago by Arthur's father Kenneth Call in irving who everyone just called Old Casey or Casey Ravine has done something very unusual. That's Bruce Linsey. He's a journalist the author of the thieves of Bay Street Street and the I guess that I ever had on the show most companies focus on one area K. serving decided he was going to build his empire era many sectors he adopted what was called vertical integration which was if you're going to publish a newspaper well why not only newspaper but own the pulp and a paper mill that produced a newsprint and also owned the forests and growth would you basically own the whole production but what that's given him complete ironclad control over region and as the empire solidifies when it just expands into the next so he he is a very unique corporate entity in that regard where did he was a young man of the Nineteen Thirties Casey Irving started at and business by selling cars then it was gasoline and then it was transportation then building buses and making airplane veneer then it was forestry than mill then steal than shipping than concrete then ship shipbuilding and then it was the refinery by the nineteen sixties Casey Irving was the most powerful man in New Brunswick by far into Brunswick Casey Irving blamed for just about anything wrong with the province perhaps because he owns so much of it something like four hundred million dollars worth. KC See inspired a kind of all in many new brunswickers just listen to this clip from that CBC documentary my cameraman and I were on an assignment who were traveling down the street and all of a sudden you hit the brakes full the u-turn pulled up to this curb instead bears KC. I looked out the window across the street and this is what I saw off an elderly man wearing a black beret walking along the street. Cameraman's response was part off part reverence. It was the first time time I saw the deep emotional response. Many maritimers have to the Irving's. That's how many new brunswickers view the Irving's third both feared and revered appeared in the Nineteen Seventies Casey Irving did something that at the time was pretty unprecedented he moved all the businesses to Bermuda in order to avoid paying Canadian taxes. This is among the outrageous things but your veins is under the vast amounts of money of Canadian taxpayers money but then they they scroll it away in offshore taxis and while he spent half the year in the Caribbean he appointed his three sons to take over respective parts of the Empire Arthur Arthur Irving who you heard from earlier was given irving oil the most prestigious business of the lot Casey Irving died in nineteen ninety-two but the power of the serving family didn't die with him even today the Irving still get what they want out of government at almost every turn. It's the perfect example where called hold captured state. This is where the purpose of government is to serve the interests of corporations to really understand understand the power that the irving's wheeled New Brunswick. Let's just take a look at one of the many industries they dominate forestry net forestries always been one of the most important parts of the provincial economy cure. CBC reporter Jacques Putra speaking at a candidate Len live show in twenty fifteen new Brunswick essentially began as what one author called it the timber colony I mean it was built around cutting wood and sawing wood and using wood to build ships and other things lately in recent years many mills have closed and what has happened is that has taken over more of the leases that were abandoned by some of the other companies that closed their meals and left so I think it's fair to say that irving now occupies a bigger piece of the hi than they ever did before and consequently governments feel a certain pressure to accommodate them because their meals are scattered around the province and so there are a lot of local communities that feel they depend on those jobs. The Irving's don't own most the land that they harvest their trees from its crown land that belongs to the province which then leases at to the irving's but the province has to balance the need for jobs today with the need to maintain the forests for future generations and since two thousand one the Irving's pushed the government to significantly increase the amount of land that could be logged. They commissioned a report that pretty much said it was in the provinces interest to do just that but environmentalists smallwood lot owners and a lot of everyday people pushed back the issue became hugely controversial in a new Brunswick and the conservative premier at the time Bernard Lord delayed making any decision instead commissioning more studies but in two thousand six Lord lost election to the Liberal Sean Graham and almost instantly Graham government brought the issue giving the Irving's more forests backup. They argue that all those people who argued against the force for Sri planned didn't really represent the public his government instead point two to five thousand letters. The government had been sent in support of Moore logging. There was only only one problem.

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