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On earth he took the brunt of all the attacks when the enemies ask why he ate with a public concern centres they were not concerned whether the apostles eight or not they were concerned only what jesus did when they picked up stones throw at jesus it was never at the apostles he was always jesus they could not have cared less about the apostles when they ask about the half shekel payment they said not your teacher pay the half shekel they did not care whether or not they were concerned only about what the lord did he might cues him when the apostles were in the garden of guests seventy it was jesus they seized the puzzles or perfectly safe on that occasion peter toco at they sword and cut off the ear of malkhas but even so he was safe they did not want the apostles they wanted jesus if peter had taken out of his pocket a portable atomic bomb it wouldn't have made a difference they were perfectly safe when they wanted only jesus and jesus alone he was there lightning rod as long as he was with them they were safe they were safe because he was with them the time would come when they would have their chance he would go away and then the enemy would persecute them we too are in on it today they will persecute us it would be time for peter and john and the others to be scourged after jesus ascended heads would roll stripes we lead on an abundance the reason for this is because the world hates jesus however they cannot get to.

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