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Yeah he was always just always the man and then he would. He was doing that. Driven to ride. Stuff wasn't around a whole lot for the later years when i was getting into a nationals in the pro scene and stuff but but yeah i kinda just did a few little local races on the east coast. I actually ended up doing the. Us charlotte That was super ad and then really just kind of wrote it. I wrote a club all the time. Because i was one of the really good tracks around. Okay two and a half hour drive every day to get there but were you successful. Were you selling well was. It wasn't going. Yeah it was. It was good. It was Definitely added challenges Just being such big territory and like a on the east coast. It was a little a little bit tougher than southern california. But yeah it was good. I i really enjoyed it and it was a really big learning experience. Like moving alone to the east coast. Would i didn't know anyone have never been there at twenty years old. Yeah big like. Here's here's here's your computer. Here's some like your luck watches. Big props you for doing that man. I mean you know like yeah. You'd said no. I'm just gonna say this dealer. I'm working at the independent rapper. You know what i mean like you. Just you'd probably be there today. You know what i mean like. Yeah you you never quite know when people when people have opportunities like that. I always like tell me you can just go back to what you were doing you can you can. Just if it doesn't work out. Go back you know. But i i totally. I totally a admire you for doing that. It's such a young age. Thanks to the folks at max's tires by the way you've probably there was one race. It might have been paula. You're right around for a while. And then i use cursing me with max tire. Yeah yeah and then. I told the guy you know. That guy's got a fulltime job right and then he's like that either but he knew who you were anyways but max's tires excess developed by mcgrath used by and rodbell and jeremy smith over there at the max. Gb team mountain bike tires fantastic. Light truck. tires. I got set on my ridge. Line and amex. T's i had my blue a little bit. Thank you the folks at max's tires. Please look at them next time. You're looking for a tire for almost anything. They they've got it happening. So thanks those guys on the racing. Ray tech suspension privateer island life. Podcast alright. So you're back east connor and and you're riding and then you go to alpine stars from there. Yeah yeah so. I just like sort of one of those deals. That opportunity came up and And yeah i mean. I got a hell of a lot of life experience out of that one too. I just a little bit of a different rule kind of more of a training role than a sales role and basically i was essentially the brand manager for for alpine stars off road for western. Okay so at first. I was just doing the entire east coast so basically from colorado east unless you western power sports where people who wanted to know. Yeah yeah so. I would just travel around with the reps like no into the dining area and just travel around to their dealer for for a week and then move onto the next guy they move onto the next guy and just keep doing that and it. How did that come about like did someone from western approach. Because that's a that's a share job alpha stars. Pay half your salary in western your salary. Or how does that going to other one was actually a fallout out. Stars deal i actually funny enough it because of you because of the motorcycle industry jobs thing. You posted some thirty vow. You talked about the Ray support for the rider support. One and I like applied for that. For whatever reason they whatever they wanted someone that was in california because it was like last minute and at the last second well you have a bunch of sales ones open. So how about that. And and then they offer me that one. And i did that for a year on the east coast And then they had me move out to california to torrance which now i am in torrance So yeah i moved to torrance to do that and then i was doing the entire country for opera. Yeah so what. Were not happy with fox where you did you want to change. What sort of made you to the motorcycle. Industry jobs guy to to look at the thing. What what was the driving force behind that. Yeah i think it's more just wanted to change in One of the grass is always greener kind of thing. It was just sort of something that intrigue me. And i initially. I sorta i wanted to get more into like the race support. Deal or something that is al- always interested me was like doing being the the year. Di basically glorified do cleaners and It just cut out for. I had too much of a sales background for them. To kinda wanna put me in that role. So i got Got into the sales one and it was just kind of just something new and something different. And like i said like the life experience i got out of that like yeah. I moved to the east coast for the first time to do it all and learn how to do that. And then i went to his star. And i basically traveled for two years. Almost pretty much straighten got to do a bunch of cool events and meet a bunch of and see the entire country of dealers and really figure out. Like what dealers do things that work. Well things that don't work well and i I definitely did a lot to those guys. And i learned a lot of men got to do a hell of a lot of cool stuff for sure with them and work my ass off of course but Guy they drive their guys hard stars whether it's the media guys whether it's the rider reps whether it's sales guys gabrielle gabrielle figures. Hey if i travel fifty-one weekends of the year. And i'm gonna make everyone that works for travel that much. I don't know it's more of an italian thing. Okay yeah they. They're hard like. I don't want to say i guess they're hard company to work for. That makes it sound like a negative company but they drive guys they really push their guys definitely today. The they expect everyone to work hard and like you. You gotta get shit done. And they don't really see how it needs to happen as long as you get everything done. Everyone's happy a lot of this stuff. Like i never dealt with gabrielle. All that much like we had he obviously overseas everything but but more so on the sale side like they add sales managers and Controllers and all the number like a few other peop- full basically they all talk to gabrielle. Yup we kinda just relayed all.

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