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Michigan, Jim Harbaugh, Detroit discussed on 24 Hour News


I'm Tracy mccaskill WWE, Jane, NewsRadio nine fifty a heat advisory continuing today for all of the WWE. J listening area does not expire until ten o'clock tonight. The national weather service says temperatures in the nineties are expected with. Real feel of over one hundred degrees. You are urge to drink. Plenty of water. Stay inside of possible and watch out for your neighbors, especially the elderly. Meantime, some students are at home this afternoon because of a hot weather Hamtramck schools closing early because of the heat Redford union and Pontiac students also getting out of school early Southfield and walled lake canceled classes for the day walled lake schools had a problem with a server that controls the air conditioning, cooler weather expected to finally role in for starting tomorrow. WWE news time two oh, five the rising cost of higher education. Among the many topics of discussion this afternoon as Detroit economic club hosted the president of the university of Michigan. Michigan state and Wayne State at a luncheon WW J NewsRadio nine hundred as John Hewitt was there and has more live and local high Brooke marks Elissalde John Engler ROY Wilson making up the panel each agreeing state funding of higher Ed continues to lag here's presidential isel. We're actually getting roughly the same funding we got in one thousand nine hundred ninety. Seven. Think about that. What were your salaries in one thousand nine hundred seven we're bigger than we were twenty plus years ago? So the state has not kept up with its commitments MSU Michigan and Wayne State making up, of course, the university research corridor, which contributes sixteen billion annually to the local economy and football came up today during the open Q and A session. Dr. Elissalde posed a question about quote, unquote, Jim Harbaugh on the hot seat. He didn't buy that contention saying Harbaugh under contract for four more years. And then the conversation turned to MSU interim president angler who said quote, I'm not commenting on Mr. Harbaugh. I think he's doing the best. He can reporting live and local in Detroit. John Hewitt WWE j NewsRadio nine fifty w w j news time two oh six. The state Senate has approved a minimum wage paid sick time proposal that was expected to go on the ballot in November w J's lynching bureau chief Tim Scooby says though, there's a major caveat. But the legislation the Democrats say we'll never take affect. So it's a sham on the Michigan boulders. Here's the bottom line. The Michigan Senate did vote to raise the minimum wage and grants. Sick time, which means it will not be going on the November ballot. And the Michigan house is expected to do. Exactly the same thing later this afternoon. So the bottom line is Michigan voters will not get a chance will not get a chance to raise the minimum wage and grant sick time to. Some employees. Now, what the Democrats accused the Republicans are doing is a little shift shaft. In other words, they're giving the illusion that they're raising these benefits for workers. But at the end of the day after the election in November, they will come back and change the law that they just passed to take away some of these benefits. So the Democrats say the voters are being sold a Bill of goods here. The Republicans are maneuvering did make sure this doesn't get on the ballot and later this afternoon. The Michigan house is expected to do just that to block it w w j Lansing bureau chief Tim scuba with the story. It's a story. You heard I on WW Detroit's chief financial officer is moving on. Here's www city beat reporter, Vicki Thomas, Detroit, CFO, John hill, notifying mayor, Mike Duggan. He'll be leaving the post. The mayor's cabinet notified this morning hill, staff and members of city council also getting word I sat down with hill for a one on one exclusive interview, you know, we've had a lot of major accomplishments. I think for the. The city we've gotten a lot done. I have a two year old granddaughter that I really want to spend a lot more time with and and I think it's. It sits at a point where it's probably time for me to move on hill. Help guide the city through the historic bankruptcy. I think the city currently is very very strong in terms of its finances. And I think that's been the work of an amazing team. Vicki Thomas, WW, Jane, NewsRadio nine fifty w w j news time two.

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Michigan, Jim Harbaugh, Detroit discussed on 24 Hour News

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