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Ran four nine three at thirty two vertical. Flashed and games wasn't consistent. If you saw them in the right game Stanford game being the best game of his career. With four sacks thought he was a top ten pick other games. He was too quiet. That's wise at six not in the top five. But Jerry Tillery from Notre Dame could be a late first round pick. But he's at six so he's not into top five. We'll go at five Christian Wilkins defensive tackle. Clemson makes it in at five something we'll go higher than that. Something should be deserved to be rated higher than that. I look at him at six three and a quarter three hundred and fifteen pounds moves. Well, strong a professional in every sense of the word. He's been productive versatile tackle end. They move him around gets off blocks and fast fashion. Go sideline to sideline could football. Accurate productions been solid not spectacular player. Not a. Wow you over player, but you'll like the way hustles. It gets coverage sacks. I think Christian Wilkins hard for me to gauge where he'll go. He's going in the first round is going top fifteen or is it going to get into that twenty five range. I'll probably put him right away at fifteen to twenty area Christian Wilkins defensive tackle Clemson at number five. All right. No surprise. I figured we'd see at least one Clemson tiger on this list at five Christian Wilkins, number four on your big board of defensive tackles. It's a guy that is a physical freak at six four and a half three hundred and forty two pounds long arms around five. Oh, five and even even finish. The forty time came up at the end with the injury by would have been around five to thirty six reps. Yeah. He didn't get a lot of sack story, but Dexter Lawrence defensive tackle in at number four. Because of the fact he's disruptive he's got power athleticism. He occupies a pursue. Down the sideline. He got a lot of past pressures that go on notice even though the sack totals weren't high. He had a great freshman year when he was healthy. It's been a little nicked up at times when he's at full strength. He is a force to be reckoned with. He is a guy can play on knows. He can plan a four three. He's got that kind of scheme versatility Dexter Lawrence to me, go go anywhere between ten and twenty solid first round or something late. I I don't think he gets down in the something. He goes ten to twenty at the latest. I'll go Dexter Lawrence defensive tackle. Clemson at number four Clemson at five Clemson at four about number three. Well, here's a guy. You could argue it would have been a two had it not been for the a C L that happened in February working out training and Jeffrey Simmons Mississippi State. Yeah. You had the off the field issue back prior to coming the Mississippi State. But when he's been there, he's been solid. He's at no issues at all the coaches rave about Jeffrey Simmons work work ethic is attitude professionalism since he's been there. Led the team fourth in the SEC was seventeen tackles for loss was a highly rated kid he was a five star kid coming in. I love his eye disipline. He hustles. He's got a ton of talent. I think if he doesn't have the ACLU probably goes mid I probably put him late. I when I do the mock draft coming out March twenty sixth Jeffrey Simmons defensive tackle, Mississippi State, my number three highest rated defensive tackle right now. Number two defensive tackle on the big board. Who is well back in August should've thought he was a lot number one defensive tackle. And at Oliver from Houston six one and three quarters two hundred eighty seven pounds to seventy two people thought he was during the season and got it up the to eighty seven thirty two reps thirty six vertical when he runs at his pro day. He's talking maybe four seven if he does that he's going top ten to fifteen. Yeah. You think about a guy who didn't always finish the sat numbers? But it was a disruptor has got strong hands. He just made place to get sacks. He was at this, ROY..

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