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Renews automatically cancels anytime. Okay. Good. Let's do the show. All right. Let's do this. How are you? What the fuckers what the fuck buddies? What the fuck stirs? What's happening? I'm Marc Maron. This is my podcast W T F broadcasting from midtown Manhattan in a hotel room with a living room. I'm not saying it's nice, but it's a mid sized sweet. But I'm here for two weeks. So, you know, it's nice to have a little room sitting in a couch on a couch, and it is in mind that is the wrong fabric for a hotel room. I don't like the fabric. When it just, you know, what couches are no towel rooms, generally, not great. But I think many of you know, my feelings on that that generally if you're sitting on furniture and the hotel room, you should be wearing clothing aerobic or perhaps put a towel down. And I'm not a germaphobe. It's just that. I have to assume that if these couches could speak. I'm not sure I'd want to know. And how often do they clean the couch? I don't know. I don't know. This is an observation. I think that was once put in my head years ago by Todd berry joke to be honest with you about bedspreads, and yes, do not send me the pictures of what those. Those special infrared cameras of hotel room couches and sheets. And I don't want him. I'm here for a while. I'm Doug in not afraid of germs. I'm on a not need to know basis with what the bedding and the couches have been through. I'm just taking proper precautions some maybe maybe I won't. Maybe I won't maybe I'll live on the edge and sit on the hotel room couch with my bare. But before I leave my might do that today on the show from a band called the who Roger Daltry is here. I had a nice chat with Mr. Daltry back at the garage. I didn't know what to expect. You don't know. I don't know a lot of times from these older rock dudes. But when you really think about Daltry, whether you're a who guy you're not a who guy, you know, if you who tunes, but you also have to realize that Roger Daltry was a king among a Rockstars. He was an archetypal rock singer. He is one of the. The the guy who created modern rock singing. He think about a rock singer. You'd think about Daltry you'd think about plant that era. You know what I'm saying? So fucking whom and I talked to Roger Daltry about his book, it's called thanks a lot Mr. Kibble, white my story. And so just so you don't get let down I didn't. I didn't even think to fuck and ask them who Mr. Kibble white is. But that's my style. That's who. I am. I didn't even think to do it. It's the title of the goddamn book. I'm not beating myself up. I didn't think to do it. So. Another thing. I want to address if I could while I sit here and after telling you that the other day that I was sort of isolated here by my own doing and trying to justify it as being okay because I'm working I want to thank the people who emailed me. I do read them specially in film, isolating in a hotel room and midtown Manhattan. I'll read the emails. Thank you for the suggestions. Thank you for inviting me places. Thank you for telling me what to do what I should do. I appreciate that. It was all done with a good hearted concern and desire to get my head in the right place who doesn't need that. I hope I do that for all of you sometimes. So I'll tell you something I know for sure if I could in these times, we need good journalism more than ever it's vital to our survival. And that's a huge reason..

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