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Ohio, Roku, Dow Jones discussed on 24 Hour News

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Congress, Wisconsin And Bruce Marcus discussed on Newsradio 950 WWJ 24 Hour News

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Latest a wrong way driver please take killed two people after crashing into their car is released from the hospital imb's of roku birth and we'll check sports at 115 your money at 125 right now the dow jones industrial average is up one hundred fourteen points and now cbs news covers the world at one o'clock fifty domingo them the va and w w g a st croix yet one o'clock gop deal on a tax bill questioning an investigator this is cbs news the top of the hour steve cave in house and senate leaders say they reached an overall agreement on a tax bill details are not public but president trump spoke about it just moments ago going to having a tax cut the likes of which we haven't seen for not only business but for the working families of our country move paves the way for final votes on a package next week a key justice department official is before a congressional committee today deputy attorney general rod rosenstein fending off critics of the russia investigation he says it's not a witchhunt and no one from the president on down has asked about firing the special counsel robert muller have you seen good caused the fire special counsel moeller no ain't you about ohio republican jim jordan is leading the critics you're the guy in charts you could stand the moeller special prosecutor and you can do what we've all called for appointing a second special counsel to look into this president trump tweets the deck was stacked against alabama republican roy moore who lost his special election race to democrat doug jones amid a swirl of sexual misconduct allegations cbs news political director steve garrisons jones's the first democrat to win a senate election in alabama and 25 years public is going to have to wake up and realize that in the races we've seen this year special elections the gubernatorial races in virginia and new jersey democrats and democratic voters are much more enthusiastic about the elections this year and they're going to probably carry that these yasmina next year in minnesota lieutenant governor tina smith there's been picked to fill out franken's seat in the us senate i want to thank senator franken for his service he has been a check camping for our state and i know that he and.