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Hear it a little faint that wouldn't come out on television the second time, you can absolutely hear it. I don't know if you heard it from the television set where you were at, but you can definitely hear that homophobic chant. Yeah, Mauricio tweeted that he heard it for the first time in the 49th minute, there had been some discussion kind of leading into this game that U.S. soccer has on their books that they could ban Mexico from playing in the U.S. for up to two years over this chant. Before we get to a two year ban hurt, I think we gotta see a stoppage of a game, an ending of a game, then we'll know that they're escalating this, but right now it kind of feels like we always, we always get to the same place with this discussion. We hear the chant, we forget about it for a few months, and the next time it comes up, there's talk of more sanctions, but there's never really anything that happens. They didn't stop it, they didn't stop it last night, did they? No, they didn't stop it last night, but they're not going to sanction themselves. This was run by, this is promoted by U.S. soccer. So when they send out that, I guess if you will, statement, they're talking about the sum games which are when Mexico comes plays in the states. They're not talking about their games. They're going to try to do their best, but cock a gap has not been able to do it. FIFA's not being able to do it. So having U.S. soccer try to police it themselves, it's going to be very difficult. Yeah. 2015, the first time the Mexican federation was fined over this channel. Let's get to some of the individual performances with a stock up stock down. We'll start on the American side of things, and we'll start on the positive. Give me a stock up from the U.S. men's national team game against Mexico last night. So I didn't want to give a stock up for the U.S. men's national. You might thought the performances were pretty bad individually, unless we're talking about the players who came off the bench, but the starter is per se, we're pretty, but then I thought about it. No, there is a stock up. There's a stock up and I criticize her genio desk a lot. Sergino dest who looked lacking in confidence who only touched about 41 times. One of the best players on the field, biggest resumes on the field, Barcelona, Milan, played at ix, already a World Cup under him, had teams like PSG, Bayern Munich, looking for his services and he touches at 41 times as an outside back. He didn't look like he wanted the ball, he could look like he wanted to be there. He looked disinterested until he wasn't. Until he reminded himself was Virginia desk can do when he has the ball at his feet. And in one play and one single play may have not saved the season, but given himself the spark to go back to Europe and lift himself out of that purgatory, which he is in right now with Milan. So I went stock up for sergino individually. I didn't really like his play per se throughout the 90 minutes because I think he's the bar he has set for himself. He did not meet that, but in that play I think that muscle memory may kick in. So I gave him a stock up there. I wonder how much of that was Russ because I'm with you that for most of the game. He didn't really look like the player that we expect, but you see that magic right there. It feels like the stock up is basically down to that. I'll follow on you on Twitter. You said this is the least confidence you've seen from death since 2019. So obviously, that's kind of what you thought of him. In New Jersey, I wasn't going to mention it. You did. A couple other guys I thought were okay. James sans and Sonia off the bench. I thought was was pretty deep. Even more, she was decent as well. Yeah, a lot of people excited about him. All right, that's a positive hurt. We found some positives. Let's get to the negative. Who's your stock down here? Who are you picking? So, I'm a firm believer in Kellen Acosta and who he is and the like for like when you don't have Tyler Adams, you need a player like Kel and Acosta. So this one to me was glaring. It's kind of on a cost. I expect a lot more out of kellan Acosta. He

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