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It out. We have this Deal going on right now. Seventy nine dollars a year to be part of our library are private club are little sandbox. We have it's online and in a lot of people you know. They really enjoy it once they get there so remember you can. It's ten dollars a month or seventy dollars. A year it goes on through august and of course There's also the friends and family where you can along with three other people of be a part of it for one hundred thirty nine dollars a year. So that's a pretty good deal. Good aftermath dot media for more information. That's aftermath dot media. A few weeks ago. I was turned onto a new song that was performed by gerald casale of the ban. Devaux sauce call. I'm going to pay you back. And it's thong as actually part of an extended almonte side project he has called j. jerry evildoers and the video was co directed by kasali and fourth. I've been a big fan of davy force for a long time. He's easing animator. That has a lot of strange things. We've used a lot of Drops from davy force and also. There's some Artwork that was from a guy from portland actually seems tomo seventy seven. Who provides the artwork for the new album that Gerald is doing and the cd covers and many of you know i'm a i'm a big fan of devo. I've been a big fan for a long time and I was reading about how they were going to have a fall tour soon. And i'm hopeful. They come by portland and did nothing gets in the way their performance because it seems a lot of bands with a lot of good intentions are planning on touring that i wanna see and Yeah i've i've really. I decided i want to see a lot of concerts. In my life. I we saw few before pandemic hit. We saw yellow. We saw rob zombie marilyn manson Few others and I really see devaux again. Last time i saw diva was with my wife. Janine it was when we were wearing blue. Energy don't hats instead of the redwoods. It was kind of bizarre that he changed the colors but You know as. I say. I think Those who are fans of devaux or know about devaux. They enjoy it because they know what devaux is they know what it stands for. The you know what it means. They know They know that it's art more so than music and Sometimes it's there's a joke involved it's irony and some people aren't in the joke so they don't understand it but now the joke has taken on a whole new meaning as we are watching the world around us deteriorate The law in my opinion was just another way of explaining how the world would end in entropy. Thermodynamics is one of the most fundamental theories of physics so evident in our everyday world that great minds like albert einstein and boris pavlovich and arthur eddington. They thought as a certainty and not a possibility at its simplest. Thermodynamics is the study other relationship of all forms of energy in the universe and connects everything from the smallest swimming microbes to large structures known to man. And they're so big exists somewhere out there amidst the black backdrop of dark space is the first law of thermodynamics. It says that isolated systems have a they have a finite set amount of energy and energy within the system can never be created nor destroyed. He can only change format in this case. The isolated system is our universe. An energy within our universe can never appear or disappear its own accordance. Data can only be transferred into different states. However it's the second law thermodynamics which describes the nature of entropy the eventual unraveling of everything. It's the apocalypse entropy The revelation the the unraveling the revealing pretty much. I mean it's often seen as chaos and we all know. The universe tends towards chaos. It's the truth about de evolution. So the answer has been yes. We are devo we. We are evolving. Or we devolve or its entropy actually reverse evolution. Many of us over the years have fallen for headlines and click bait proclaiming foreknowledge of events saying well this is going to happen. That's going to happen kind of like the end of the world stuff and You know a lot of people make predictions about sports. They they pretty stock market Sometimes cryptocurrencies. They predict the outcomes of crypto currencies but in reality educated guesses are made. And i guess outcomes cannot be foreseen but therefore they're far more things to think about though as we're constantly teetering on the edge of oblivion. I recently have been using the term. You know doom scrolling. Because i i get up in the morning. And i and i look at my. My phone is true. What we say on our show say that the phone is the first thing you see when you get up in the last thing you see when you go to bed i. It's it's that way for me. Because when i wake up the first thing i see is the headlines. First thing i see is my email. Did i sit there for a good half hour. The edge of the bed you know look at my phone. I put it down. I go downstairs and get a cup of coffee. I get my computer okay. I have to start writing something. So that's my that's kind of a routine. I just see a blue screen in my face all time doom scrolling doomsday scaring looking at all. The horrible things like people dying in afghanistan. and all this seems like that's all it is but see the idea of doomsday has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years in a lot. People are sparked into thinking about doom and gloom by charismatic leaders is suing divine proclamations. And i mean looking back to the mayan apocalypse. Back in two thousand twelve. It just seemed to because one or two series about the mayan apocalypse kind of took on a personality all by themselves and when we made the doomsday theory. Different was that no one religion or cult was pushing it. That's why people were falling into this idea. Well this is something. That isn't a religious thing. This is something that is not a scientific thing this is something was written by an ancient civilization that focus their attention on the stars the ancient mayan civilization that rose flourished and then it fell. They fell to their own demise to environmental factors some scientists say. Put them well on the road to de-evolution specifically the changes to one's area the water table food. How they got food how they drank water. How they got the water how they clean the water. All of this was part of the decline of the mayans and this should be a warning to all of us about not being prepared not having clean water not having clean food or good food not having food i mean this is the thing that scientists say that one of the biggest falls civilizations civilization fell is because they weren't prepared for environmental shift. They weren't prepared for. They weren't prepared for entropy they weren't prepared for de-evolution they weren't prepared for that moment where everything goes in reverse where everything unravels..

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