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See you mean to you insured by and see you a membership required visit Lisa, you dog to 23. Traffic and weather together. Theseus Maru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic God three snow Coming down means people are having to slow down, or are they like? Yeah. No. Yeah, they are slowing down here have been in most highways are pretty tricky. Here with the snow coming down here, especially tricky or those on and off ramps everywhere. Just be careful, entering and exiting the highways today. Visibility is down, of course throughout today, so keep that in mind too. And we've got some really random backups here. We've got snowplows, sanding trucks working their way up and down the highways here, So that's pretty much the story. The South out Expressway already crawling out of the tunnel down towards the gas tank from there just reduce speeds all the way to Braintree. It's at least 30 minutes top to bottom. North bound delays coming up past Columbia Road up through Savin Hill. Pretty slow up towards the tunnel to 93 south. Delays from the split over the route. 24 1 28 has these delays in both directions through dead him through need him through Newton again. Trucks are up and down the highways, treating the highways moving at a slow pace. That's the idea. To the West to 90 East delays coming in through downtown Worcester. That'll eventually extend into Shrewsbury. Now the mass Turnpike speed limit is down to 40 miles an hour. Keep that in mind, and now he's found his backing up quickly through Western, just getting word of a crash after the state police barracks involving a car and a tractor trailer, not good. This report sponsored by churches This season's hottest collection is dropping just in time for lunch featuring church's new All white meat. Texas Tenders accessorized with Butterfly shrimp Flavor's This Biggs always on point Snag Your Texas tenders and shrimp meal today for just five bucks churches bringing that down home flavor miking WBC's traffic on the three that we checked the four day AccuWeather forecast brought to us by revised Meteorologist Bond Larson is with us and I guess if there's a bright side of this snowstorm, it's gonna be a pretty quick hitter. It's not gonna linger long..

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