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Or delivery. Go to silver diner dot com. Silver Diner Muchmore than a diner. Rick McClure w T o P. Traffic. And now to storm Team four. Meteorologist Samara Theodore Friends, It has been a pretty pleasant day. Can't rule out a stray showers storm for the rest of our Saturday, But I think for the most part, a lot of us, fearing on the dry side temperatures overnight into the upper sixties low seventies Tomorrow's Sunday looking a lot like today as faras, The sunshine and blue skies go high temperatures Sunday will be in the low nineties, making it the 17th consecutive day in the nineties for your Sunday But we can't rule out some isolated showers and storms tomorrow afternoon again Now Sunday night into Monday morning. We've also got a chance for some showers that could be on the moderate to heavy your side Monday afternoon highs around 91 92 degrees, with afternoon storms anticipated. And then as we head into Tuesday and Wednesday, tranquil but still hot and humid, with highs in the upper eighties on Tuesday to low nineties And low nineties on Wednesday, both days look mostly sunny. I'm starved him for meteorologists. Samara Theodore, 82 now in Fairfax, 80 and Aspen Hill and 82 degrees in the district at 8 50 D. C. Police are investigating three new murders following another spike in violence on Friday. The search is on for a number of killers after three people were gunned down in Northeast D. C in less than a three hour span. Friday night. They have been in the Carver Langston Neighborhood North Capitol Street near the Fort Totten Metro. And in the Wood Ridge neighborhood, where 911 calls flooded and after a man was gunned down in a car off South Dakota Avenue. Police say four people in another car were seen speeding away. The D. C. Police union has been vocal about a summer spike in violent crime, pushing back on those who say there is too much policing, it Notes. Last year's murder rate.

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