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Is stressed in need support. Section. Stress and Diet linked. I would see fact 'cause very closely. You'll get out spots from stress but she. Chatting about your emotions can alleviate your stress levels fucked my goodness. David you wished free that I'm so impressed. That was any right. You're the pro you tell me honestly, I feel like USA common collected you. You definitely debrief your way through that. Over, sudden fit like a tale of an exam an. Option over yeah, I need to ask you. To poke against recently and I go ask now that that's what it feels like again you know. What am I doing to my guests? But it's Fun, and that does unfortunately wrap-up the episodes day asquith every guest David, we finish the podcast feed the thought which is. A take home message that you feel and if I start by saying I think from what we've discussed today. I, think that we are in an evidence bonding increasingly stressful while and nine hours a new mom boss running a business. I'm being isolated fit situations this year that. Is Tough. The interaction is truly important and I guess sometimes I'm not truly present which has made that not my diary to have a meeting with myself I think it's very important but more importantly maybe the kindness aspect as well and trying to be positive. And Could you please leave our listeners David with a lovely take home or something that you feel. would be beneficial. A Wherever you can. Try to be kind enough to know what people are going through in the life's und-. and. So sometimes. Just being kind because you you know someone might be acting particular we not because that's the nature. But because of something that's stressing them, they had something that worried about a particular moment. So be kind as often as you can an one of the in the context of stress physiologically speaking. The feelings in just by kindness are the opposite give the opposite effect of the feelings and just by stress stress highs physically affects the body, but it's the it's not an expensive. It's not a thing that causes is the high stress fields. So how kindness feels has opposite effect. So whatever you the weight of stress negativity in the body be rest assured the feelings induced by kindness do the exact opposite. Gosh that was that was pathetic and he m perfectly executed in Rudy really good advice there. The behind thing is something that really rings. especially if we all going online more and more while I, think it's important to reach right now. David if anybody wants to find out more about you, where can they go and where can they read more? My website daughter Dude Hamilton Dot Com. I'm also very active on social media instagram and facebook quit my hand off. Slightly David Hamilton PhD. Dr David Hamilton Face Bridge. PhD. That's. Fine. But it was better because people often confuse me with a medical doctor but I'm researching an. Initially building pharmaceutical drugs in my former a expedience. Contain books. So the role was all AMAS. Website as well. Honestly you do some incredible work. I. Think. That's what really drew me am tip wanting you to be a guest because I know that perhaps more the area that you work a lot with his kindness in. That's so important. So Dave, thank you so much for your invaluable time today you're wonderful take home messages and thank you for coming on food for thought will thank you. It's been my absolute pleasure. Thanks for inviting me as a guest thoroughly enjoyable experience you. If you enjoyed this episode, you'll absolutely love what's coming next week and make sure that you click subscribe to be the first to hear it. If you have time to, we'd really appreciate it if you want leave a review so that we can reach those highs in the charts and hopefully help more people that is our mission here with this cost. For more information about my rhetorician clinic, the books, healthy recipes, and so much more visit retracing dot com, and follow me at re Tricia on instagram twitter facebook and Youtube..

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