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All right, guys. Welcome back to SAM's army episode. I don't know what will call this forty three. Be maybe episode forty three Jerry. I don't know what we'll call this. But welcome back to the pod. Number one. Mike follower. How you doing? Mike. What's going on everybody up Sam? So we as we tease a little bit on the episode. The went out this morning. We have some news on the pod. You wanna take it away? Muggy gets colorful words. You can throw out there. Nothing colorful, nothing flowery. We were going to be taking some time. Hiatus we're gonna we we're not gonna have this pod on the box sports network. Not at least for now. And you know, we gave it a run what we're doing is trying to bring a lot of stuff in house at our Solter difficult to capture the barstool sense being an external podcast, and it's a little difficult to the little tough to talk on because I have two hats, obviously throughout this whole process. It's been difficult, but I love doing this. I love talking to you. We're gonna take a couple of weeks and figure out what the best way to go forward is outside of the barstool network. Whether that's continuing to do it or keeping Sam focused on writing more giving more content or still gonna keep some partnerships with major clubs. We've been working on a lot of stuff still will come from this brand. But the twice a week podcast will not for now. Yes. So it's soccer is not going anywhere. It's not like soccer's leaf barstool or anything like that. It's not like any of us are leaving barstool at the moment. We're taking a hiatus. We'll just sort of leave it at that. We'll we'll Lee think the direction and maybe through new layer paint on revamp rebirth. We'll see we don't know what's going on. We're basically just playing it by ear. But. Can't thank everybody who's been listening, and you know. We're not dying. We're just we're just we're thinking about real in from here. Yeah. And take day by day always been what we're doing. So stay tuned. Just keep falling us on social and stuff will come out. Go. So let's get into the pot now. So we got a we got a big week of gains big week end of games. I should say before we do that though Hicks flying. So if you're running out if you're tuning out now, you got a problem if you're tuning out right now, then you don't think might takes are gonna be flying around here. This is the last one I got nobody accountable. Let's do this. So the first story is not actually preview of the weekend. It is this ridiculousness about leads championship team. So they had they had a, quote, unquote spy who was caught at Darby counties practice. I don't know if it was today or yesterday. But I think it was today. You know? So a spy basically, a scout from Leeds was sent to watch Darby counties practice and Darby county like caught him. And like, I think he was arrested. Like, I it's just this. It became a big thing. It's like, you know, the New England Patriots, obviously got in trouble for for spy gate and all that shit. I do you think this is a big deal. I think it's hilarious. I do not think this is a big deal at all. My first major takeaway that spies terrible at his job. Yeah. It's horrible. Horrible spy what a bad by what bats just supposed to spy on a championships club. And you can't even do that horrible just tear. What a terrible spot. Get it. Why thing in American football? You know, it's basically like, you know, these these they're set plays that are very big. And you can see the setup you can see how what they do. And everything in soccer. I can't imagine why this is such a free-flowing game. It's like reactionary. There's you know, maybe a set piece here and there, but like why is this such a big thing for for soccer? I I don't think it's it's almost stupider to make a big deal of leads guy watching..

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