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Of anxiety through personnel who work for NBC. You need to figure out who survives. And who doesn't. Yeah, and I think throughout Hollywood, the companies were trying to figure out where they fit in. Because you know you've got people with competing motives here. NBC Universal is owned by Comcast. Warner Brothers is owned by a T and T Those are both big distributors of content and are competing in this new streaming world, both from the content and the distribution side. Then you've got you know all the other major studios that maybe they don't want to facilitate this transition to streaming as quickly as some of the others do. So, are we going to be in a situation where universal and one of brothers movies perhaps Have this 17 day window. But you're still gonna have to wait 90 days to watch a Sony movie or alliance Kate movie That would be bizarre. Yeah, and I will know Warner Brothers has not signed on to any deals yet as we speak, so they're they're holding back, which is interesting because they had been seen as one of the advocates for this tightened window. The other potential beneficiary here is kind of Netflix because Netflix has gotten so much pushback from theater owners. Because they want to stream quickly, and they've reached some deals with some theaters to release some of their movies in a very limited way for X number of days, and I'm sure they're sitting there saying, Hey, if Universal gets 17 days, what about us, so the pressure is on as Faras, these release went, and that would be a very big deal to Netflix because it would allow them to recruit some of these filmmakers that have been reluctant to sign on the Netflix movies because of the window issue. Yes, exactly. So we were going to see a lot of Change and we don't quite know which way it goes. The other change in the wind. Of course it has to do with these gigantic companies. Facebook, Google Amazon, The heads of these companies were called into Congress to testify this past week. You know there were two different genders. The Conservatives are complaining that they don't think they're represented properly on social media. But the Democrats who are concerned about the competition issue, and I think there's a certain signals again. Major change of a potential move ahead to break up some of these companies in some way, and they're, you know, always a pushback on Jeff Bezos because As we've discussed in the past people who have broke. Oh, cannot get peacock or at this point, HBO Max because there's no deal for those distributors, and and Jeff Bezos was pressed because you know, Amazon has Amazon fire, which is a service to watch streamers similar to Roco, which a lot of people have people who have those two things can't get HBO, Max. Or peacock at the NBC Universal streamer because they haven't made a deal. And the question really was with Bezos. Are you basically trying Tio use your might to squeeze certain terms out of HBO, Max? Basically out of Warner Media, and at and T, are you Are you basically taking advantage of your clout? To get a deal that you wouldn't normally get it if you didn't have such a stranglehold and weren't seeking an even bigger stranglehold on this market of streaming I watched these hearings, and this was the thing that jumped out about this exchange about HBO. Max is Amazon is essentially the gatekeeper here, along with Roco that is preventing 70% of consumers from getting these new services. It puts them in an extremely powerful position, and in Amazon's case, it directly benefits a streaming competitors in Amazon Prime video. So if you play this out basis has very little incentive to make a deal that is favorable to HBO in the state in this sense, because he's hurting himself in this other arena Now will they make a deal? Who knows? But it highlights the amount of power that these large companies have in this market, and if Congress starts paying attention to this, we could see some significant changes from the regulatory side. Absolutely basis. I will know. It was like I will have to look into that and get back to you. Thank you, man. Thank you. That's felony. Former editorial director of the Hollywood Reporter Thie Emmy nominations are.

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