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Comes Joey Barton court hit a home run to right field and it was a long one he not only cleared the wall out there he got it up into the first row of the the pavilion out there back behind the bullpen and he takes a curve ball very high for ball one one ball no strikes man this guy is just stunning right now we've got dark clouds over most of this guy and the setting sun is created tacular colors in that sky here comes a board takes a little bit too high two balls no strikes right sit on one kid and see if you can knock one out Chad Tromp T. R. O. M. P. at second the Peter Maris the runner at first Joey Barton the gents top minor league prospects at the plate and he takes time and tide football the bard whose only twenty three years old hard to remember that he's only twenty three because been so highly touted and was a first round draft but he only had two years in the minors with the giants with a total of five hundred seventeen official at bats in those two seasons got hit with a pitch early last year in San Jose and when the show now he takes too low it's a four pitch walk and now the bases are loaded that's true what's partially hid that's within this inning so that brings up drew Robinson is the possible time run in the Dodgers send their pitching coach out that amount mark Pryor was that no that's Dave Roberts himself gonna get the ball from Nolan long legs long so the the visiting bullpen here at Scottsdale stadium is in left field behind the wall in left field and there's not a soul that's been out there and we have seen anybody warm up in the giants will pan out behind the jazz will pen under that pavilion in right field there are bullpens in sort of covered cages and they must be using those because that's where all the pictures from both teams have been coming in and through that gate leading back underneath the the pavilion after lard is the new pitcher John Broussard he Joe Broussard CEO Bruce aren't okay with the bases loaded two down there's not been a single ball put in play in this ending long struck out two and walked two and hit a batter that's a lot of hitters without a single ball in play yup and it looks like it's part of spring training I should have never chills at the beginning of the game when I said this it is spring training chance of forty pictures of stamps you might see all of we see nine of them in eight innings that's that's pretty close yeah this is the ninth Dodger pitcher the when we were talking about the the new dimensions the oracle park we're used to be for twenty one I believe it's mostly for fifteen in the bullpens will no longer be in foul ground along the following lines were they've been ever since the park opened twenty years ago but behind the center field fence and I think John the the one spot where the princes of been moved in where it's going to make a difference to straight away center I think it's not going to be three ninety one and so the three ninety nine well you see up against the wall in center field two twenty deep right center is still going to be very deep for fifteen D. for than almost any other part in the National League so here is drew Robinson with the bases loaded and Broussard throws a curve ball drops it in their deeply for a called strike three men on trump a third Maris and second and bart the runner at first the giants trailing eight to four now Bruce shard with the high sat throws swing and a high pop up follow up the third base side coming over to the Dodger dugout and back into the crowd by several rows and it's going to a ninety one mile an hour fastball Robinson who hit a single his first time in the seventh one the one thing that I saw these numbers in bill James offseason book that he puts out a year with all the numbers Brandon belt I had more of morning ouch than any other hitter in the majors lots of rose up and being defined as three hundred ninety feet or above on the pitch is very high bell had nineteen balls and hit three hundred ninety feet or more they were out they might have had some others in the being hits that didn't go out of the ballpark doesn't approve pretty amazing number when you think about fifteen of three hundred ninety feet between three ninety of four hundred and four more of four hundred feet plus there's a fly ball into shallow left center racing in a duplex and now into a diversion Railey and he makes the catch what kind of a late break on that liable by Robinson was able to run it down and the inning is over giants leave them loaded we go to the ninth inning now the Dodgers lead eight to four on the can't be on northern California Honda dealers radio network remember your.

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