China, Kyodo, Japan discussed on The Opening Bell with Steve Grzanich


Is to find the technology that makes batteries last longer operate more safely and be less expensive to buy so yes that's what we're seeking for the technology that will make those things happen cynics out there somewhere in the folks they've put it together or working on it admitted successful have just not had the ability to get it out to the market absolutely the sense um i would say that in this particular area battery storage there is a huge amount of innovation both in the chemistry the hard work and the software associated with it universities like mit stanford northwestern chicago university of illinois all the way out to oxford and cambridge and sing on china and kyodo on japan there are hundreds of innovations which is why we launch bolted to sort through those innovations to separate the economically winning innovations from from those that might just be research and development projects ground and you have something like argonne national laboratory that says a lot of people men understand the the organism involved in lots of groundbreaking science and technology innovation but they just can't do the commercial part of it right here that part of the government owned and locally governmentfunded laboratory which is to do research as opposed to picking winners in the market which is partly why we launched with the permission and and guidance by the department of energy to launch into the private sector so that we do not use public funds to pick those winners or losers were using private funds for the that and so what is going to be the first steps of uh the co coalition the votes energy technology coalition your is he going to be to seek out the.

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