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To rise, particularly with the police in the first two weeks of June. Mac was working during the day and protesting well into the night. At the same time Portland City Council was gearing up to vote on its new budget. Which included millions of dollars of cuts to the police budget. Yeah. How are you feeling during the week of the City Council vote? There was definitely a lot of just a lot of anxiety on their two PM City Council meeting to order today, we will begin taking the final. Siri's of hundreds of residents may public comments. Can you hear me? The city of Portland has done everything possible throughout its history to violently exclude removing just story black people. Clinton at $246 million Our budget and half the city should set measurable multiyear goals. Where the footage to be collected properly. We can essentially stop the police from alleging malice, and I've seen far more violence from the Portland police in the last two weeks than I have in six months in a combat zone on June 17th. The City Council voted the outcome. They cut the budget by $15. Million is no. We asked for but the winds have changed. This will eliminate more than 80 positions, so we got something. If you watch videos of the protest. You can see some of the officers shoving protesters.

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