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I can have a list. I just can't i. It's also my go-to when i'm stressed i'll put on stand up comedy in the background over and over again and when i first moved to la. When i drove everywhere my only pandora's station i had stand up kendra I like i. When i there's i don't know if i can like i love that question if you if you want to d- me on my social media's i'll give you a list of like forty comedians. You should check out before you die or we live meetings or us episode. Because you've got anywhere from like richard. Pryor george carlin to like grammy yosef and any or patent oswald and nausea mitch hedberg and mitch. Yes don rickles or joan rivers. You have pignataro Bill burr like. There's an extensive list my whole body. Love stand up comedy. I can't it's like really really difficult for me to stand up. Comedian like it's like that's. Christopher titus is one of my favorites as well because he does story type type comedy Patrice o'neal bernie. Mac like hudson. I just can't. I can't that's okay. So those great. And you made a great list for people who wanted to take the bo burnham although burn burn dang so hard i'll say this is george carlin has a special place because i had the chance to see him. I didn't. I'd say i said to myself that i'd see him next him. Came to town passed away. So that's always been like. He's the one that got away. Yeah because i his book his book jesus passed the pork chops. I think it is called or something like that. i think that's it read it. it's fantastic. It's a really wonderful book that that that has been this week's update thank. Thank you everyone. So much for listening If you are new to nerd on thanks for listening we appreciate you. Check out our website nerd on tv. It has all of the information on everything that we do including all of our socials all of our video content on you to our twitch and which we we stream pretty often Wherever you listen please stop by rate and review subscribe and also share share with your friends. Your family blast. It's all over the interwebs That's how that's how things like us grow. Shares having friends and you're taking over the world but surely come along in the world but Yeah thanks so much for listening happy new year. You know the drill as always..

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